fame is exhausting

Ok unless there is something that I don’t know about how Benedict Cumberbatch has treated his fans (and correct me if I’m wrong) I don’t really get what the fuss is about. He is an actor and while fame can be part of his job I doubt that’s why he does the work he does. Also fame and people can be exhausting. Some people are more extroverted and thrive off of meeting lots of strangers, and others are more introverted and find it exhausting. I obviously can’t speak for Ben, but I hate reading fans on my dash criticizing him for looking tired in photos with fans. You don’t know how long he has been there or how it makes him feel or what his personal life is like right now. Stop criticizing someone for being a human being. Actors shouldn’t be expected to always be putting on a show for us, and we should start treating them like humans.
The point is that I could never fake being energetic and happy around a bunch of excited strangers for a whole day. Some actors are better at it than others. Cut people some slack already.


As Christians, our goal in life is to be transformed to be more like Christ. To aid us, God provides the Holy Spirit, who directs us when we surrender our will and submit to His guidance. That seems pretty simple, so what stops us?

Well, the world seeks our transformation too, but into something quite different. It encourages us to be self-centered, rather than Christ-centered. It wants us to grow and develop independence from God and a unique identity through a relentless pursuit of money, power, beauty, and fame. That’s exhausting!

The path to “ever-increasing glory” leads to peace if the Spirit is our guide. The path to material glory leads to emptiness in the end. Help your kids understand that principle and you may relieve them of some of the exhaustion and disappointment of chasing the wrong goals.

“For my yoke is easy and my burden is light” (Matt 11:30).