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Hey im an 18 year old girl in a pre-mid-life crisis! Basically at high school I had loads of friends, I was always happy and nice and although I never had a boyfriend, I wasnt lonely. Currently im a college and over the last year ive lost track of everything and I have no idea what to do! The majority of my friends have got other friends now and some of my best pals have fallen out with me- I just feel so deserted and awkward when around people. Ive never had a boyf but was seeing a guy in school till I mucked it up, and now everyone is getting serious with boyfriends, and im still forever single, I feel like the inexperienced child that is there when they need me. I guess its all knocked my confidence alot and I avoid going out as much as possible, I havent made any new friends at college and I just feel so alone all the time. Id really appreciate your advice on what to do, I dont want to be scared of guys or making friends when I end my teens, its really getting me down..

babe :c I know your emotions might be magnified because of people around you, but trust me ok you’re not the only one who’s single in this world I promise you <3 I mean like my last relationship was almost 2 years ago and my best friend is dating someone and so are other people in my life, sometimes it makes me feel very lonely and excluded too? but you just gotta live your life and enjoy it and appreciate it, that’s all you can do c:

instead of avoiding any chance to go out, take every chance to go out and to be social and to meet new people (: what do you have to lose? the more people you meet, the more chances there are of meeting someone who’s right for you! if you avoid all social contact, then the chances of having a relationship drop by 500% (well maybe not that much but you get the point haha). 

try to reconnect with the people that are currently in your life, organise to hang out and to spend time together, even just send someone you care about a message asking how their life is at the moment :* show people that you care about them, it goes a long way. when you’re around new people? smile and try to relax, maybe ask a few questions about themselves and go from there (having positive body langage - so no crossed arms - helps too). 

the key to breaking the barrier of loneliness is communication - I mean you could be in a room full of new people that you’ve just met, but if you’re not willing to be open and to start to build a connection and trust with them, then you’re going to remain lonely no matter how many people are around you. things do get better! but you gotta be willing to make some changes as well in order to see change. as long as you keep trying? you’re not failing (: so don’t give up (you’re not allowed to give up okay), keep trying and persevering; reflect on why things don’t seem to be working and what you could do differently. good luck <3

- tash

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Oc so from another fandom. I doubt you would approve it, since if you don't know the fandom the concept is strange. ^^; maybe someday I might send my tolkien character (canon) over, but I wait for famail to plot!

((Well, depends on what it’s from. I’ve got a wide repertoire in the sci-fi area of RP, after all…))

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Jueves 15 de enero de 2015: Cafayate; provincia de Salta. 06:00hs. Subimos al micro que nos traslada unos 250km a la ciudad de San Miguel de Tucumán. El vehículo hace paradas en Colalao, Santa María, Amaicha, Tafí del Valle y Famaillá, antes de llegar a nuestro destino a las 12:00hs. El viaje se pasa con recuerdos de lo vivido los 10 días anteriores. (more…)

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