Biryanistic Post by foodismytherapist at http://ift.tt/1yUy1Xe The #muttonbiryani from layering to putting on dum. Biryani is sacred for me being from Lucknow. I have been practising making it from the last 4 years and here is what I have learnt so far
∆ Rice is at the heart of a good Biryani. Soaking rice before hand cannot be bypassed. The other trick that has helped me is putting the rice under cold water after parboiling it.
∆ When too many flavours are added, at the end nothing stands out. The essence of a good Biryani is its coming together and not bombarding of falvour.
∆ The meat must be fresh and unlike rice must be well done before layering. ∆ Saffron is the crown of an authentic awadhi biryani. It not only renders that lovely yellow colour, but a nice flavour too. If possible use the best quality saffron. The best I have come across is Iranian saffron.
∆ Last but not the least, putting biryani on dum is what seals flavours in the rice. I generally use dough to seal. In case you don’t have a heavy bottomed pan, put your vessel on a flat pan and leave it on low fire for as long as the dough outside dries up ( approximately 30 minutes)
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