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ay! im a bit confused, is the b12 vitamins you take vegan? bc i want to start taking b12, but there's only non-vegan opportunities where i live. much luv

yes they are, i think they are the blackmores ones. i have cherry falvoured ones too. lots of love 

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I, J and Q. ilysm!

I- IceCream Flavour?
RockyRoad or Oreo cookie

J- Jellybean falvour?
Orange or GreenApple

Q- Question i am always asked?
Why do you act like that?( mainly by my family) i get asked this because i just try to be my self around my family :c I never am able to and it just hurts because family is the one place you would and should feel safest

And ILY2!!!!!

Bunmeido Castella Cake

Hello and good morning for everyone! I haven’t be able to post a review for the past several months, right? So I’m going to make a brief review about…….

Bunmeido castella cake!

This will be my first time trying tokyo’s castella cake. I’m quite familiar with indonesian sponge cakes and they’re pretty well-known here. My aunts are good in baking cakes and i used to request a vanilla marble cake back in middle school. I’m quite found of with sponge cake.

Okay. Back to Bunmeido.

I can’t read kanji or katakan or hiragana so i had to search what;s the differences between the green and yellow one and it turned out to be the same falvour; p l a i n. But hey! There’s azuki beans on the both sides of the cake, the sweet comes from beans.

I really enjoy the combination between the sponge cake and azuki beans, soft and sweet. For the first bite, it will makes you smile. A gentle flavor to your taste buds. It’s a good companion while sipping a cup of hot tea in the afternoon, watching the sun goes down and drowning in an exciting conversation with your friends, for me its the best time to enjoy sponge cake. The cake is really light and sliced in a perfect portion so you won’t realize that your first piece has already gone to your tummy!

If you happen to love sweet like i do, you can have liquorice candy alongside with the plain sponge cake to enhance the sweetness.

I hope you enjoy your breakfast today!



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HAHA i read anyone's post even if they're literally talking about blueberry and maple flavoured ice cream falvours with bacon bits or whatever in it (hm.) HAHAHA

well thank you lovely anon! i hope one day you can share the joys of messina.