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You've been tagged! Post 10 things about yourself, and then tag 10 of you favorite followers! Have fun :)


More~ how nice of you guys :D So sweet♡ Some of this information might not be new though… XD

1. I’m ¾ Japanese and ¼ Spanish. Because of that, I sort of automatically have a soft spot for quarters XD the most recent one being Kaneko Nobuaki (he’s ¾ Japanese and ¼ Polish-American… yay for mixed babies!). Seriously… this guy needs more love! He’s an actor, magazine model AND he’s the drummer for rock bands RIZE and AA= (both bands are really cool).

2. I can speak English, Spanish, and Japanese. However, I speak better Spanish than Japanese (to which people get surprised when they see this Asian girl bustin’ out the Spanish).

3. My favorite JE groups are Arashi and V6. Favorite members are Nino (Arashi) and Okada (V6). I named my two betta fishes after them XD. Okada the Betta Fish has a “special” fin T^T

4. I love karaoke… with a deep passion.

5. I used to play guitar but it’s been several years since I last played. Now I’m afraid to pick up the guitar again because the last time I did that, I got these nasty blisters.

6. I love driving. If gas weren’t so expensive, I’d just take my car and drive down Pacific Coast Highway (Los Angeles native here) for as long as I could.

7. I have a tumor in my leg that causes immense pain. I never NOT feel pain in that leg. I have bad days where the pain is too much for me to handle. Most people can’t tell… I’m just used to the pain and I now know how to walk with the pain without holding on to things for support. I still try to wear heels though because that ain’t gonna stop me!

8. The amount of ketchup I eat with my scrambled eggs is disgusting.

9. I’m an INTJ Gemini.

10. I have a mole on my left lower lip. When I first discovered it, I thought it was a piece of chocolate and tried taking it out. When it started hurting, I realized it was a mole -_-

absconce replied to your post: so i woke up, having a weird sensation…

this happened to me a couple days ago, first I got a sore throat and now I have a cold so yeah it could get worse if you don’t do anything

fallinguptherabbithole replied to your post: so i woke up, having a weird sensation…

yeah something like that has been going around my sister got sick with something like that about four weeks ago and the doctor still has no idea what it is….says it’s probably some sort of throat cold or flu or something

i think i have a cold, because i told two of my real life friends about it and they said it might be one, and one of them had one two days ago. but yeah, i haven’t had a cold in a while and i kind of forgot how annoying it is to have one