For all you immortal youths out there, this is your teenage anthem. Everyone raised on virtual highs, caught in some blurred world between idyllic wannabe dreams and the harsh realities of owning up to your goddamn problems. You can get rid of all viruses except the ones you infect yourself with.

In short, a mix for Haru Uotani, the chemical product of salt, boredom and intellect, set on fire and left to explode. 

Who’s basically just a trash bag dressed like a slightly nicer trashbag.

Featuring some of the styles they love most- Blank Banshee, 8-bit, EDM, and MSI.

Centuries (8-Bit) Fall Out Boy
Ambulances Ladytron
Anxiety Online ! Blank Banshee
Lady Java JavaZone 
Electric Misfit Love Machine Ultraviolet Sound
Jesus Doesn’t Love Me Dragonette
Calculate Amon Tobin
Fembot Robyn
Love Game Panda Eyes
Identity Crisis DJ MHM
Kings Tristam
What Do They Know? Mindless Self Indulgence
Highscore Panda Eyes & Teminite
Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Dimond Saints Remix) Lorde
Kids With Guns (Malicious Joy Edit) Gorillaz
Pumped Up Kicks (8-Bit) Foster the People
LSD Polyphony Blank Banshee

Listen {HERE.}

anonymous asked:

You said ask you anything so like I have a couple questions.. Are you a boy, girl, ect. ? Whats your name? How old are you? Whats your favorite book/movie/color/board game/video game/song atm/band/artist/youtuber/ship?

Okay so I’m a girl, my name’s Bianca and I’m 16. And sorry I’m a lazy shit but it’s too much to type so I’m answer them like real quick so Hunger Games/ Pirates of the Caribbean/ all of them except for orange/ I don’t really have one/ I think Infamous: Second Son (I haven’t played it but I watched Pewdiepie’s videos and I honestly loved it so much)/ I think Style by Taylor Swift or maybe Unsteady by X Ambassadors/ Fall Out Boy/ Troye Sivan and Ed Sheeran I can’t choose/ ugh I can’t choose between Troye, Connor and Tyler so I’m just gonna say Jenna Marbes/ Tronler


releasingcrazy asked:

Im in sooooo many fandoms! Sherlock (johnlock is life!), star trek, star wars, orphan black, Forever, the flash, arrow, supernatural, doctor who, parks and recreation, hunger games, marvel, dc, Wattpad, so many music fandoms (just ask if you want to talk about that, ex.fall out boy, lana del rey, the neighbourhood, panic! At the disco, etc), avatar the last air bender, American horror story, elementary, perks of being a wallflower, I can go on forever! xD

OH MY GOD have you seen agent carter yet? It’s AMAZING! Ah! She is so perfect. I’m in literally all of these fandoms! (except elementary, i haven’t gotten into that). But what’s Forever? i don’t think i’ve heard of that. Also, quick question: what are your ships for avatar?

inklie asked:

1 2 3 4 5 6 B3


1. What color best represents them?

LOL definitely Red, like a highever weave maroon red.

2. If they were an animal, which would they be?

-looks at the camera like I’m on The Office-
hint it’s a dragon. She’s always been one except in this game

3. Which music genre would best describe your Inquisitor?

Alyona could probably be summed up with just about any 2012-onwards Fall Out Boy song tbh

4. What season reflects their personality best?

Hmmm…. I’d say late fall. Kinda cold, kinda teetering on being unpleasant, but still somewhat easy to be around if you keep warm enough <3

5. If your Inquisitor was a force of nature, what kind would they be? (hurricane, earthquake, etc.)

I’m gonna go with wildfire/fire storm. A big flare that can snap to life at any moment and engulf so much in its destruction… and can also wipe itself out just as quickly as it snaps up

6. What’s their alignment? (chaotic good, neutral evil, etc.)

I’m actually gonna have to say Chaotic Good?

Hello there human

My name is Monika or Monica/Nika however you like it. I’m from Poland and my talents include bad jokes and crying over fluffs. Basically fun.

I’m trying to write a fanfiction and sometimes I make shitty edits of people I admire. 

And here you are, catch some facts :3

  • I was born on 8th March
  • I’m 17. Almost 18. I’m almost an adult. Yet I am sitting here, calling some weird emo dads and youtubers my sons while eating cereals from ninja turtles bowl. Living my dream
  • As I said I was born in southern Poland
  • Demibiromantic demisexual. Yep.
  • Cat person, dog person, every possible animal person. Except wasps. Hate them
  • My favourite games are Pokemon Silver/Emerald and Heroes III 
  • Bands I like includes Fall Out Boy, Oasis, Walk the Moon, Florence + The machines, One Ok Rock, The Barr Brothers, The Lumineers, Panic! At the disco, My Chemical Romance, One Direction. Told you. Emo dads.
  • My personal favourite youtubers are Dan, Phil, Emma, Evan, Pewdiepie, Markiplier, Cry, Peej, Louise and some more.
  • Thomas Sanders 4ever
  • Yes, I watch anime and my favourite are hyouka, ao no exorcist, pokemon, katekyo hitman reborn, lovely complex
  • Books are love. Books are life. Especially Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Inheritance Cycle, Necroscope and a lot of polish novels
  • Yes, I’m the biggest Hufflepuff you’ll ever meet
  • Also infp
  • And I like Rene Magritte, Vincent van Gogh and Salvador Dali
  • Love ya ♥

And, this blog is multifandom, so you will see a lot of movies, tv shows, books, youtubers (mainly) and bands. And bad humour. I’m sorry.

anonymous asked:

Every month except February?

January: sexuality/preferences: Idk I like most people

March: favourite colour: I like purple and blue a lot

April: favourite hair colour & favourite eye colour: I like brown hair and blond hair and red hair and blue eyes and green eyes

May: favourite manga & favourite anime: I don’t watch or read either of these

June: favourite book: I like all the Harry Potter books tbh

July: favourite song/band: Arctic Monkeys, Fall Out Boy P!atD 

August: crush names: Ehhhhh

September: instruments I play/ want to play: I play ukulele guitar and piano and I kinda play drums

October: favourite game: I like all the assassins creed games except Unity sucks

November: if I changed my name, what would it be: Margaux

December: random fact about me: I like basketball a lot