Here is the supposed synopsis for Gravity Falls S2E04 - Sock Opera:

Soos fixes the author’s laptop. Dipper and Mabel are at the library trying to guess the password of the laptop, when Mabel sees a boy named Gabe (voiced by Jorma Taccone). Gabe is a puppet master who Mabel quickly falls in love with. She tells him that she is also a puppeteer, and that she is currently putting on a puppet show. Mabel then makes puppets and props to put on said puppet show, leaving it up to Dipper to figure out the laptop’s password. Bill then comes, and tells Dipper that he will help in unlocking the laptop if Dipper helps him with something. Bill and Dipper make the deal, but soon after, Bill steals Dipper’s body and Dipper is turned into a ghost. This prevents him from being able to help with Mabel’s puppet show.

What happens after this is still a mystery. I guess we’ll have to find out next Monday, September 8, on Disney XD!

Credit to @dippersdiscogirl
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Fall Out Boy performing “Nobody Puts Baby In the Corner” at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA on July 20, 2004. I have some photos  from this show I’ll queue up now as well.