Ok, I have absolutely no idea how this has happened, but not only have I reached 100 followers, I’ve managed to go over it in the space of less than 15 minutes…thats insane! I’m going to make a proper flail like post in a minute, but right now I just want to say a big thank you to falkowski and freckledface-monster for getting me over the 100 mark and just being kind enough to follow me :) 


I checked out some of the blogs I follow and I made a list of some that I like. So check them out! They’re amazing.<3 And please don’t add yours on here. If you would like yours on there, just message me and I’ll check out your blog.

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Adam Falkowski, Francesco Riva

(Submitted on 3 Nov 2014)

We discuss electroweak precision constraints on dimension-6 operators in the effective theory beyond the standard model. We identify the combinations of these operators that are constrained by the pole observables (the W and Z masses and on-shell decays) and by the W boson pair production. To this end, we define a set of effective couplings of W and Z bosons to fermions and to itself, which capture the effects of new physics corrections. This formalism clarifies which operators are constrained by which observable, independently of the adopted basis of operators. We obtain numerical constraints on the coefficients of dimension-6 operator in a form that can be easily adapted to any particular basis of operators, or any particular model with new heavy particles.