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ahaha, I think we’re all inclined to be a little bad at it. Guessing ages from what people say is really hard!

True true.  There are some very well-spoken kids in the world.

That said…stop being so much younger than me!  The same goes for Otar too!

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If it makes you feel any better, I can definitely relate to how you feel. :c I’m asexual as well, and my parents currently think it’s something I’ll grow out of. That, or I’m a lesbian. It’s frustrating really. I think I know what not into, thanks.

Yeah, my mom keeps ending conversations about me getting married or having sex or having kids with “Well, your thoughts might change.”  And true, while they might, the way she says it is more of the “This is a phase, you’ll want to eventually.” way.

Quite frustrating.

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all the lucks go to you! and kudos for asking the dude out, that takes props dude c:

ahah no i didn’t actually ask him out that’s the thing, i wasn’t able to because he wasn’t there


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oh man ‘n’ I hope everything goes good when you do ask him out though

thanks…>_> i’m really worried but i know he’s nice and even if he doesn’t want to be my boyfriend maybe he’ll want to be friends…

Tanpa digigit nyamuk, bisa tertular Malaria !

Ayo berantas malaria

Malaria adalah suatu penyakit menular yang disebabkan oleh gigitan nyamuk Anopheles betina yang di dalam tubuhnya mengandung Protozoa Plasmodium.

Plasmodium yang dapat menyebabkan penyakit malaria ada 4 jenis, yaitu :

  1. Plasmodium malariae
  2. Plasmodium vivax
  3. Plasmodium falciparum
  4. Plasmodium ovale

Pencegahan penyakit malaria dapat kita lakukan dengan menghindari/mengurangi gigitan nyamuk, memberantas sarang nyamuk, membunuh nyamuk dewasa dengan obat anti nyamuk atau fogging dan membunuh jentik-jentik nyamuk.

Pencegahan tersebut diatas, ternyata tidak cukup untuk memutuskan rantai penularan penyakit Malaria. Tanpa digigitpun kita dapat saja tertular penyakit malaria. Bahkan bayi yang baru dilahirkan pun dapat terular.

Dari sekitar 400 spesies nyamuk Anopheles yang ada, 67 spesies dapat menularkan penyakit malaria dan 40% spesies (24 spesies) yang ada di Indonesia.

Pada umumnya nyamuk Anopheles dapat menyebabkan penyakit malaria pada manusia dengan cara digigit. Tetapi dapat juga manusia tertular secara langsung melalui darah pada waktu transfusi darah, melalui jarum suntik bekas pakai dan ditularkan dari ibu hamil yang menderita malaria kepada bayinya.


Tips :

  1. Hati-hati menerima transfusi darah pada waktu sakit. Sebaiknya transfusi darah berasal dari donor yang kita kenal atau keluarga yang kita tahu tidak menderita penyakit malaria.
  2. Mintalah selalu jarum suntik yang baru, apabila harus disuntik pada waktu sakit di rumah sakit/klinik.
  3. Menjaga kesehatan agar jangan menderita penyakit malaria bagi ibu hamil.

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8, 9, 15 and 27. You have to say why too! You're not getting away that easy. eue



8. An overrated movie.

Oh this is hard…. uhm, I guess the majority of the Harry Potter movies? Despite the perfection of the casting and the general brilliance of the acting (excepting, sadly, DanRad until about halfway through PoA), the general concepts were horrific bastardizations of the books.  The scenes they depicted were usually poorly chosen and more often than not they would change an integral part of the story (i.e. Neville providing Harry with Gillyweed instead of Dobby, GoF) which completely undermined the importance of some key events.

9. An underrated movie.

Sucker Punch. A lot of reviews call it one of the worst films ever and criticize every aspect of it, but honestly? At risk of sounding hopelessly hipster, it’s one of those movies you have to get in order to appreciate. And it’s impossible to truly understand it if you go in with any preconceived expectations. I went in completely blank, unaware of what I was about to experience, and in response I received a message about freedom, free will, self-sacrifice, empowerment, and finding strength from within when you feel empty and weak. It’s not just a ‘14 year old gamer’s wet dream’, as some reviews have stated. It’s one of my favourite movies to date.

15. Favourite Disney movie.

Definitely The Aristocats. First of all, cats. Secondly, singing cats. Thirdly, singing, dancing cats. Fourthly, a dowager so in love with her cats that she leaves her estate to them. Fifthly, “Everybody Wants to be a Cat” sums up my life pretty damn accurately.

27. A movie you hate.

….Twilight. KStew was bland, poorly cast (she’s way too striking to be ordinary, plain-Jane Bella), and spent most of the movie talking in a deep chest voice. RPattz was creepy as fuck and I didn’t find him attractive at ALL. The whole concept of foreshadowing James/Victoria/Laurent through the entire movie was just wrong; the reason the book was so effective was because it came out of nowhere, throwing Bella into complete and inescapable danger within seconds, and they ruined that tension with their fucking ridiculous ‘look at the imminent vampiric danger that’s looming JUST OVER THE HORIZON OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH’ pitch that was actually obnoxious, and yeah. It was just a terrible, terrible movie.

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take pictures with all the different kinds of forks you have!

i have A LOT OF FORKS and my mom would kill me if i dumped the whole drawer out

plus they’re all exactly alike

i hate saying no to these but this is a no can do :’(

Group of Friends RP Thing!

Yeah, that thing I talked about doing last night!

How shall we organize this? What should it be about? Should we do this over Skype? How often should we have the RPs? Should I create a DA group for it? And if anyone else is interested that has not said anything yet/is not in the tags, could you please tell me?

Please reblog/reply with your suggestions~! This is the first time I’ve ever really roleplayed with a group, so I will greatly appreciate all the help I can get!


falciparum replied to your post: ok hi here’s a rant about something that pisses me…

it really is awful some people’s obsession with this “ideal weight”. honestly, what people should be aiming for is their own body’s healthiest. also, being seriously sick is nothing to be envious about, those people who say that are crazy :c

yeah it’s like???? do you fucking know what you’re saying

do they know what it’s like to have their mother, father, EVERYONE THEY KNOW begging them just to eat a single little snack? do they know how embarrassing that is when you tell them you can’t??

This false-colored transmission electron micrograph shows a P. falciparum parasite, cause of the most severe form of malaria. Antigenic variation in these parasites contributes to parasite immune evasion, and compartmentalisation of silencing factors and chromatin states in the nucleus play important roles in regulating antigenic variation. In this image, the infected erythrocyte is shown in red, and the parasite is shown in purple. The dark blue highlights the condensed material at the nuclear periphery with lighter blue displaying the nuclear core

I read some old paper (‘97) published in the Lancet about malaria transmission in Africa and I’m shocked. In areas with high rates of P. falciparum transmission, children’s risk of severe disease had a huge drop after the first 2 years of life. However in areas with low to moderate rates, children were at higher risk for a much longer period. It makes sense because children who live in these areas of high transmission get to develop immune response to the parasite more quickly I’d assume. It’s just crazy because if you think about it all of these interventions for malaria tend to target these areas and this would be putting them at more risk for developing severe disease later on.

Idk I just really needed to type this.