Today, we tested a beef product obtained from fakemeats.com; using it to make delicious Vegan Stuffed Peppers.

We could have used “beef” crumbles but instead decided to use the “Beef Fillet” product. This is made primarily from soy flour and spices. Not sure how they do it but once reconstituted, the result is little chunks that look and have the texture of beef.  We noted that the product does not taste exactly like beef but once mixed with the green pepper, cheese, onion, mushrooms and rice; it really does satisfy one’s palette. I do recommend the meat substitute as a completely viable meat substitute  

This meal used all vegetable products and was completely Vegan. Apart from the rice and meat substitute product, the ingredients were fresh. The recipe is listed above.

Outcome:  The test was successful. The meal was very good and filling. My little dogs, Charlie and Coco loved the small amount of leftovers as well!  My wife didn’t like it all that well and had concerns over the freshness of the meat substitute. In discussing, what I caught was the fact that she was actually thinking of the product AS meat and her concern was about the fact that the “meat” came in an unrefrigerated foil container.  Since it is not actually meat, the packing is completely appropriate and the product was really just fine.  While I very much doubt this is going to happen - If we get to a point in our 90 day modified Vegan diet where we are just like really craving meat, this will do nicely to assuage the cravings.

This Fake Burger Oozes "Plant Blood" So You Won't Notice It's Not Made Of Meat

This Fake Burger Oozes “Plant Blood” So You Won’t Notice It’s Not Made Of Meat #ImpossibleBurger #fakemeat #fakeburger #Stanford

via travel.cnn.com

Led by a Stanford biochemist, Impossible Burger is trying to create a veggie burger that is so meaty you won’t notice it’s not real–right down to the fat and connective tissue. And yes, there will be blood.

The Impossible Burger is made from plants, but it isn’t meant for vegetarians. Instead, the burger–which was made to replicate the real thing in every detail, including…

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