If you were a nerdfighter in 2009, you may remember a Dailybooth called FakeJohnGreen, where some mysterious person (it was me), uploaded Photoshopped pictures of John every day for two months. Well, since Dailybooth is closing down, somebody asked if I’d be archiving all of the FakeJohnGreen images anywhere. Some of my favorites are above, and you can find the rest in this Imgur album. Enjoy :)


See all the photos in the blog post:

For Day 6 of my 12 Days of Christmas project, I’ve compiled a full archive of the fakejohngreen photos. If you don’t know, fakejohngreen was a Dailybooth account I ran anonymously from September 1, 2009 to July 19, 2010. The photos were daily for the first two months, and then just sporadically whenever I had a good idea.

The Dailybooth came about after talking to a friend about fake celebrity Twitter accounts, and the idea just came to me – what if I started a Dailybooth and posted Photoshopped pictures of John Green every single day? This was also shortly after John had started his Twitter account realjohngreeen, so the name was obvious. It’s so funny looking back, because so many of the photos have to do with nerdfighter injokes from years ago, some of which I’ve completely forgotten the context for.

Check out the blog post to see every photo that was posted to the account (some with a larger size linked underneath), the original caption, and some commentary from present me. The photoshopping was all done pretty quickly, so not all of them are great, but it was such a fun project, and now that Dailybooth is shutting down, I’m glad that I took the time to archive everything.