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i watch snk too and it's good but i dont understand all they hype about it??? it's kind of annoying how y'all constantly freak about how "good" snk is when you probably have never seen any actual quality animes.. not u in perticular but just the fandom in general.

okay I understand that this is your opinion, but someone needs to knock you off that high horse.

First of all- "When you probably have never seen any actual quality animes". Wow. I know for a fact that I, as well as many members of the fandom, have seen more than just snk. and if not, who cares? watching a wide variety of anime is their choice. They’ll watch it if they want to, and if not, that’s perfectly okay. I guess i just don’t understand why you think that “OOOH BABY’S FIRST ANIME” is an insult. And trust me, I’ve seen my fair share of it. (higurashi, wolf’s rain, elfen lied, zero no tsukaima, spice and wolf, kiachou wa maid-sama, death note, sao, queens blade, black butler, aki sora, claymore, vampire knight, say ‘i love you’, clannad, okami-san and her 7 companions, highschool dxd, fullmetal alchemist, highschool of the dead, rosario+vampire, cowboy bebop, infinite stratos, free!, tokyo ghoul, shingeki no kyojin, etc). your “too new to anime to appreciate good television” argument is incredibly invalid, for both me and for many who enjoy snk.

Secondly- It’s okay if you don’t understand the hype about it. that’s fine. just calm the fuck down. why the quotes around “good”? snk has one of the deepest plots in an anime that i’ve seen in a long time. The character development is impeccable (Jean’s joining the scouting legion and armin growing more confident, for example). There are strong female leads, one of which is a WOC. the characters all have their flaws, which makes them more relatable and brings up a more believable, well-rounded cast. The plot twists are insane, the animation is gorgeous (imo), and the soundtrack fits the show beautifully. You can dislike it all you want, but you have to acknowledge the lovely construction of both the manga and the show. 

tl;dr: snk is popular, yes, but there are fucking reasons for that. It was the first show i cosplayed and the show that got me into tumblr in the first place. People like it, and not just for shits and giggles. I respect your opinion, but try not to be a pretentious asshole next time when expressing it.


Alrighty kids,

due to some unforeseen circumstances recently (car crash, bicycle theft, broken phone…) I have decided to open up commissions and try to raise a bit of survival money ^^;

Base Prices:
Chibis: $10
B&W bust: $8
B&W full body: $10
Colour: $15

Additional character: +$5
Simple/graphic background: +$10

(Will not draw NSFW)

If anybody has ever been interested, now is the time to act!! Just hit me up with a message and we can go from there!
Lots of love and gratitude,