And this is for all of those who waken up #early and thought “Today is gonna be a good day” and than took a kind of #scarry #moment like this #shark #shadow in a #barrel. #fake or #real?! // E essa é pra todos que acordaram cedo, acharam que o dia iria ser tranquilo e tomaram um susto parecido com o que esse cara deve ter tomado quando viu a sombra desse tubarão de dentro do #tubo. É verdade ou é montagem?!. #PC📷:NA #surf #surflife #saloon #sharkshadow #sharingwaves #wave #nicewave #rail #surfstyle #morningsurf #surftime #surfing #surfinglife #lifestyle #themoodhood #freaky

egg mode #0: remember that weird shit you were into? 

egg mode is a new zine for trans women to anonymously share some of our pre-transition selves. the first issue focuses on pre-transition sexuality, especially the things that are harder to talk about because they overlap with transmisogynistic tropes, or because they challenge a narrative of unalloyed dysphoria, maybe there was some stuff that we liked. some of these things are weird, embarrassing, a little silly, plain slapstick. we’re interested in a lighthearted approach. this isn’t the best place to present very traumatic material, but will unavoidably go to some difficult places. cw in advance.

the editors hope that some suffering egg or babytrans will recognize themselves in these stories. you’re really trans, if you want to be.

what to write about:

  • dissociated sex
  • sex we secretly liked
  • cartoons (furry, anime, tentacles, steven universe)
  • fetishes (nullification, forced feminization, inferiority)
  • things you never went through with
  • things you wish you never went through with
  • i don’t know, whatever you want

who should submit:

trans women or people comfortable being identified as part of a group of trans women. anyone under the heel of transmisogyny. your self-identification will not be challenged or questioned.

how to submit:

send an ask, anonymous if you prefer, or send submissions to by June 16, 2015. bloomsday. if yr interested in having your work edited please include contact information or indicate that yr work is reshapeable at our discretion. if yr words are generally perfect and unalterable, let us know and we’ll try to accommodate you. aim to keep submissions considerably below 500 words. if you’d like specific images to accompany your text, let us know. longer submissions will be considered but please include contact information and accept editing.

What will happen:

we’ll distribute a digital and print version of the zine, the digital version will be free and the print version will be at cost. cis people are invited not to read this zine, or to pay us considerably more for it. except for you, friend, you’re invited to read it secretly. we’re not fixed on the cover.