remember how pleased and utterly delighted trip was when he found out jemma had been undercover at hydra? 

imagine him now. imagine how proud he’d be of her now.

Anyone else ship Mr Pointy with Faith’s knife?


Notice how he says sleeping and not coma. It’s because the idea that she’s in a coma is too painful for him to imagine or accept. He truly did love Faith as if she were his real daughter.

And notice how she then swallows back the tears that are coming, because she hears the truth in his words, and feels the ache in her heart from the loneliness and loss. 

I don’t know why Faith doesn’t get enough love from fans… 

Even though she chose the dark side, it was where she fit. She never had much care from her family. We can assume from the way she spoke of men that she had only been desired for sex, which lowered her self worth, and so she then believed that was all they wanted. 

She never had any real friends that adored her, supported her and accepted her.

She was never really valued for important things, and so the goodness shrunk, while the darkness expanded.

She was confused, lost, naive, alone and lacking in love. Then she met the Mayor. At first, he was merely her boss.

Then, he became her father figure, her mentor, her provider and her protector. He adored everything about her, good and bad. Even if she played a psychotic, we can all relate to Faith on some level. Some of us admired Buffy because she had what we wanted. The rest of us related to Faith because in some ways, we either are or have been where she is, and have felt the downward spiral that she has felt.