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What are your favorite blogs? Like personal blogs with original content)

Princess trash canForest fairy emily, My darling rainbow, Pastelbat, Peach Milky Tea (<her original content is a bit hard to find) Venus Angelic, Petitte Passerine, I’m a monster, Winsome prince (hey two fashionblogs ran by guys in a row, cool), Noodlerella, Chocolate starships

They’re mostly fashionblogs and all very different ^^

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Ugh, why do you flood tumblr with a bunch of wannabe idols from the west? None of them have any talent, they can't dance, they can't sing. All they are is Japanese idol wannabes who will never make it to Japan or anywhere for that matter. Take Becki cruel for example, she danced at some shows, did a few signings and sung a few songs, even released a CD. Now look at her. Shes back in the UK living like a nobody and has jumped on the youtube makeup guru bandwagon, completely forgotten!

There are several really promising talents. I think they have a chance.

LalaLychee: model, Rola class geinoujin.
Abbie: top class aidoru or geinoujin
thePinkMandarine: same
FairyEmily: model, top class model
Kerukkuma: singer and geinoujin
Lolichii: singer

..and several others.

Beckii was just a lucky girl who wouldn’t have enjoyed her aidoru career if Fuji-something guy hadn’t existed.

She doesn’t have talents, love for Japan/Japanese culture/language.

I really need someone who has love for Japanese culture, eager to learn the language, have talents, have the personality we like.

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1) Do you like donuts? Yes, but they make me sleep. I like plain ones the best. 

2) Have you ever shipped a ship that will never be canon?

Story of my life

3) Levi, Jean or Eren’ ass?

Levi’s ass, but their all nice.

4) What could you do to make your OTP canon?

I have many OTPs and I’m going to get creative with this shit, NejiHina: have Neji not die, RivaMika: arranged marriage by the government (okay this was in a fic I read. ) Ferriswheelshipping: Have N never leave Touko alone after the end of the game, SasuHina: Stockholm syndrome. AerisSeph: Have Square do what they originally planned and make Sephiroth Aeris’s ex. Damn filler Zack. SaiSaku: idk lets just leave them in a box for a month

5) What’s your favorite country?

Japan, I’m taking Japanese in college.

6) Do you speak German?

A little bit, I’m half German. I can’t speak nearly as well as my Grandparents. 

7) Do you still believe in Santa Clause? okay I’m not able to make serious questions  

Since Santa is a Catholic saint I can say yes, although I’m not Catholic. 8D 

8) Obama or Erwin Smith? Most definitely Erwin Smith- ATTACK ON SOCIALISM!

9) Have you actually a crush on someone who isn’t a fictional character?

Yup, I have one ex boyfriend and am presently crushing on a guy now.

10) Do you hate Justin Bieber?

Yes, I used to not mind him but now that he thinks hes above the law, used prostitutes, and dissed Girl’s Generation I’m not a happy camper. 

11) You got the moves like jagger jaeger? I like to move to the fine Jaeger booty. 

My Questions:

1) Have you ever had surgery?

2) Have you ever felt embarrassed about admitting a favorite shipping? 

3) What is your favorite scent?

4) Do you believe in ghosts?

5) Do you have Daddy issues?

6) Have you ever nearly lost a finger?

7) Have you ever been involved in a shipping war?

8) Are you still involved with one of your fandoms from 7 years ago? 

9) Is Gary Oak Blue or Green?

10) Can you name a song the describes your OTP?

11) Has a fictional series ever made you cry, if so which one?