Adelaide was one of the few magicians to perform the infamous “bullet catch” trick, which had been an occasional feature of her husband’s act. It was said that, because of the trick’s reputation, she could not bear to watch her husband when he performed it. However on January 19, 1897, a month after his death, she stood in his place in front of a firing squad at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. Surviving publicity material describes her as catching six bullets fired at her by local militiamen

Dear Alice, you don’t know
How wonderfully lovely it is
To meet you in this dream.
Welcome to Wonderland at last,
You have fallen
And fallen,
Fallen very far indeed,
But you have finally reached
The tunnel at the end of the light.
Just open the door
Just peek around the corner
And all will be seen.
I must be going now,
You must find your own way, but
Until then, with love,
The White Rabbit.
—  Letters to Alice, by ashenfaeri