So today I went to SR Harris Fabric here in Minnesota for the first time. Such an amazing fabric store! They had everything I needed and so much more! I got to measure and cut my own fabric which was pretty cool. I will defiantly get all my supplies from here now lol. The people were so nice and helpful!

Took me forever, but I found the perfect fabric for the inside of my cape! The straps don’t look very purple in the picture, but it’s actually a cool metallic purple. I’m gonna buy a black petticoat so the dress puffs up and I’m gonna see if I can find some old boots to design like clawdeen’s. I’m super excited to start this one! Wish I could begin tonight… But I work both my jobs tomorrow. I’ll start Sunday since I have the full day off. I’ll keep you all posted and thank you to all my followers and the people who like and reblog my photos. Thank you so much! It really means a lot to me!