fairly odd parents

"Of Ghosts, Aliens and Humans" is a fan-made AU (created by kapuchino357​) about the teenage lives in Dimmsdale City two years after the Disasteroid incident.

The main characters are Timothy Tiberious “Timmy” Turner (age 15), Danielle “Dani-with-an-I” Phantom (age 14), and Prince Mark Chang of Yugopotamia (age unidentified), from now on collectively (with their Fairies and Pets) known as “The GAaH Gang” (they’re very Norwegialicious), all equally important.

#Norwegialicious (Official GAaH Gang Tag) will mainly consist of short one shot stories, other AUs, possibly crossovers, and whatever fan art the Admin feels like posting, all containing characters from The Fairly OddParents and Danny Phantom (both © Butch Hartman and Nickelodeon) and mostly set in the above mentioned Alternate Universe where Dani finds her purpose and family with a pair of complete idiots, one of which comes in a package with two Fairy Godparents and a Magical Dog, and the other a very handsome piece of Alien Royalty.

You can visit the Admin’s DeviantArt pages at Kapuchino157 and Kapuchino357.

Remove this text and I’m sending Satan after you.

I can’t believe Butch Hartman is coming to my studio tomorrow. 

Like its literately been my dream since I was young to be working in animation, and then bump into butch hartman on the job- He’s been my idol for AGES, and OH GOD the chances of this happening seem so small, I almost feel like I’m dreaming this??? Im GoNNa See BUtCh TOmorRow AHHHhhhhh~


mr crocker and timmy turner’s voice actors making a vine together gives me life


Cartoons Have Changed Me by Thomas Sanders