do you care about doing the most humane thing? do you care about me?
or do you just care about winning?
do you just care about falsely smoothing things over while leaving the tangles on the underside so you can later act shocked when things arent working and you are back at the same problem or worse?
dont tell me what you think will shut me up the soonest, what you think i want to hear.
tell me what is actually the truth. if that truth is not humane to me, then the mentality that produced it must shift, not how you present it.
dont duck and dodge and change your argument every 2 minutes just to see what wins. have fucking integrity. care about whats ultimately the most fair. not about what will land you back on top, untouched, regardless of fairness.
life is not debate team where they do a colonial rot on your brain telling you peoples humanity is merely a matter of opinion and opposing said humanity is ok if you have the right argument.
they tell you winning is just a game and peoples humanity which you are arguing against is invalid if only you can present your point convincingly enough.
its sociopathic.
genuinely care about me, not about winning.
or dont and stay the fuck away.
go “win” elsewhere with people as sociopathic as you.

Women are increasingly the bread-winners in the family. This is not just a women’s issue, it’s a family, a middle class issue, and we have to fight for it.
—  President Obama, speaking in support of equal pay for women, and highlighting his signing of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which improved the ability of women to sure their employers for pay discrimination.
Why am I being singled out?

I had an exchange with a blogger yesterday, in which this blogger asked why I “seem to enjoy attacking certain blogs.” The answer is that I honestly do not believe I “enjoy attacking” certain blogs.

And I am sorry if anyone feels as if that is my work on Tumblr.  Yet if you check my archive, you might be surprised to see that the perception of me going on the attack against people who are “singled out” is not accurate of me or my ministry.

I have responded to questions, or reblogged, or written commentaries, in over 5,000 posts over a span of two years. There are not even 50 bloggers you can count where I have been critical of them. And these criticisms are against ideas.

Most of the time, I am fielding questions about people’s doubts and problems, or questions about faith. I have no desire to be on the attack against persons, or to “exploit” my collar for “undue legitimacy” but I do attack certain ideas, regardless of who pushes them.

What ideas? Those ideas I find to be of concern, held by certain feminists, pro-choice people, non-Catholic Christians, advocates of different thoughts of human sexuality, atheists, varying political platforms, as well as Catholics who range from very liberal to very traditional in outlook. 

While most people just keep scrolling and are afraid to get into a debate, I admit that I feel the need to speak up and confront an idea that is unhealthy or simply unjust in our Catholic community.

Yesterday, the debate may be about the way we post about others who are accused and should be portrayed as innocent till proven guilty. Tomorrow it might be a debate about Vatican II, women’s ordination, or Pope Francis.

But as tempting as it is for certain bloggers to think so, they are not singled out for attack, I don’t think that this is what I am doing. so much as the ideas of certain bloggers are a form of “distorted truth” which actually ends up not being the truth, which is what Catholics should stand for.

Even in the fights about the sexual abuse of children, the truth that children should be safe and protected is often couched in the idea that entire groups in the Church do not care for children, do not love them, or could not care less about their safety.

Based on the truth of safe environment being important, there is couched a great untruth, and injustice, that anyone in the name of safe environment can be submitted to suspicion, to innuendo, to witch hunts, and to vilification. 

Yes, I attacked that idea. No, it was not personally directed at a certain blogger. I have enough trouble keeping up with the many, many messages and questions that come into my inbox. I have enough trouble keeping up with a parish to run, to have some need to single out certain people.

 God bless and take care, Fr. Angel


This actually makes me so mad. I am 6’2 and I’ve met boys taller than me, that’s for sure, but yeah, um, they all date short girls and not one of them gives me a second glance. The way this is worded like we’re “meant” to be short. Oh yeah, so I can dunk on you in basketball but I have to be shorter and submissive to you, I can’t be taller than you GOD FORBID. Yeah, I get that it’s supposed to be cute and like awww but really? There’s all these posts that say for every tall guy there’s a short girl and yeah, its true! The world is abundant with short women. Don’t tall girls get to dream about having their Prince Charming be taller than them? A lot of tall girls want tall guys too, so why do they get the short end of the stick? YES I WOULD LOVE A TALL GUY and people are always like you have high standards you can’t be picky. Who says I can’t? Is it just because I tower over you and I love to wear heels does not mean that you just get to say that I should be happy with what guys look my way and not go for the ones I want? OH THAT’S RIGHT because they’re all dating girls who are 5ft. I’m sorry to the person that posted this, I found this on google images and I get that you were trying to be cute but by the same point it just angers me that you had to generalize that people were “meant” to be shorter or taller than a person. Maybe I was meant to be taller than the general population so I could beat their faces in? The fact is, tall girls get cats. And if they find a tall guy, he lives in Australia and he’s older than you and on the Internet. Tall girls get handed the short end of the stick because it’s an insult to men if they have a woman who is taller, they feel less like a man. If that’s how they’re gonna be and stick with the small girls, bring on the cats. I’m ready.

After voting to move the Paycheck Fairness Act to debate, Republicans turned around and quashed it.

Please, please, please remember this. Every single republican voted against this, with one of their reasons being the gap between what men and women make for doing the same job isn’t so bad. So, you know, suck it up ladies and go screw yourselves.

anonymous said:

.... i get that you enjoy 5 seconds of summer and want to defend them as 18 year old kids that make mistakes... but your defense of michael's possible use of a slur seems hella desperate just to clear him of any possible blame. billie joe's use of f*ggot in his song (as a bisexual man) is equivalent to black artists' use of the n word in rap and hip hop. both of these instances reclaim a slur as a positive identifier. however, non-queer / non-black use of these words even in covers is not okay

I genuinely have no problem blaming Michael when he’s being an assbag; he has fucked up a bunch and it frustrates me every fucking time and I’m glad when it’s apparent he’s gotten a talking-to and he stops doing offensive shit and disappointed when he doesn’t realize he needs to educate himself and the people around him (like their management! at the very least!) don’t step up to the plate to educate his dumb ass either so he keeps on doing offensive shit.

I just am not offended by this one very particular context-dependent instance for all the reasons I explained. And, please take this completely at face value: I’m uncomfortable putting the default label of heterosexual onto a teenager/assuming there’s no possible way he could be queer. I’m uncomfortable making an definite statement about his sexuality one way or another. I don’t know the kid, and it’s not for me to say whether or not that’s his word to reclaim. 

we know something in this society is wrong when our right to live, far from being a human right is decided by someone else.

I mean if we think for a minute, we are her because of a matter of luck 

one conceived in the proper time:

Congratulations! You are worth living!

one conceived in a not so good proper time:

Ups! sorry you are just a burden and you are not worth living sorry,. Better luck in your next life

Im going to be THAT person who starts things in the Screenshot winners forum…. Sadly.

First winner won because its from the Simulator. Im calling it out. Probably gonna make myself look bad. But this always happens like one time or another for in-game screenshot contests. Someone always tries to win with the simulator. >_>;

Rules said ” IN-GAME” not IN-SIMULATOR.

but im just a horrible person who ruins the fun v-v


The U.S. Senate debate between Republican U.S. Senate candidate, Mike Rounds, independent U.S. Senate candidate, Larry Pressler, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate, Rick Weiland and independent U.S. Senate candidate, Gordon Howie Friday, Aug. 29, 2014, on the Freedom Stage at the South Dakota State Fair in Huron, S.D.

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