I trusted you with EVERYTHING
And because of one mistake, I lose you
But I guess you forgot about the thousands of mistakes you made and I ignored
And now your telling someone who I ACTUALLY care about and has feelings tords that I’m things that I am NOT
I can’t believe this shit
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Two years ago I took this embroidery class at school and I was doing pretty good until I noticed how many times I accidentally stabbed my fingers and stained the flower I made with my blood. The teacher asked me to leave the classroom and to go to the nurse, but I was baffled at why. I said “Why do I have to leave? Look at my flow-OH” After I went to the nurse I kinda sat in the hallway staring at my fingers for 10 minutes. nervous-moshing Here ya go

The Failure of Failure

By Gemma


Want to succeed in creative business? It seems the secret is failure. Loads of life affirming failure all over your face. Fail hard, fail better, fall down nine times, get up ten. You know the deal, we’re supposed to learn from our own bad experiences. Or, perhaps (and I’m about to get meta-as-heck) from other people’s fail tales, writ large across Medium and the speaker circuit.

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