Dad Fail of the Day: Chocolate Cake Before 10 AM

I was washing dishes this morning and Ashtyn wanted to help, but it severely slows down the process. I told her to go read and promised some chocolate pudding as a reward for being patient with me.

When the time came to deliver - I opened the fridge and we were all out. The logical alternative to avoid the impending meltdown: cake. SMH.

Just start.
It doesn’t matter if you suck; You’re suppose to suck.
Mistakes are practice.
And practice makes perfect.
Society loves a success story.
They will hate you, they will judge you.
They will admire you and praise you.
And you will get better.
And you will inspire others.
And you will gain confidence and respect; all the things you think you need to start.
You will accomplish your dreams.
Don’t give up before you start.

Please fire me. I had the following conversation with my boss today:

Boss: “Why didn’t you ask me to order this?”

Me: “Because it doesn’t sell.”

Boss: “You should’ve told me anyway.”

Me: “You yell at me when I order things that don’t sell and now you’re yelling at me for not ordering things that don’t sell.”

Boss: “Jeff, you should’ve learned by now, I’m going to yell at you regardless.”