Tutto ciò di cui ho bisogno è esattamente tutto ciò che mi sta distruggendo poco a poco.
—  ibattitidelcuore
Les histoires de Chris et Sebastian

Once upon a time, there was this cute boy :

(hello look at me, i’m too cute, what a cutie i am, it’s me you know, cutie boy)

I saw him and sudently i was like

(who r u what’s ur name, plz be naked too bro)

He told me lol bitch plz i’m not that easy

So I told him “But I have a nice dick and you have nice lips! Perfect to be together 4 life”

(coincidence ? Je ne crois pas)

Oh really ?


mathematics going on here

How that 3.5 for Ashura!Dad on the ‘Effective Parenting from 1 to 10′ scale was calculated: a 15 out of 10 for giving Fai what looked like a mostly happy childhood (excellent!), but then subtracting 11.5 (…out of 10) for the following reasons. 

1) trying to get his adopted son to kill him

2) threatening to kill and also mortally wounding his son’s loved ones

3) killing everyone in the castle where Fai had grown up which is a pretty big nope

So. 3.5. It’s very generous.