I spent about 5 minutes trying to get over the fact that Kurogane is wearing a headband and failed utterly. 

Guys, Kurogane in a headband. I don’t know why this is so exciting, but my brain says it is, so who am I to argue? Kurogane in a headband. 

Of course it comes hand in hand with the fact that both he and Fai are in different clothes altogether, which means that enough time has passed for them to at least get changed into the presents Sakura won through her illicit gambling skills. It might be the next day, it might only be five minutes later. It’s always hard to tell. 

I’m in two minds over them trying to leave Chu’nyan behind. On the one hand they’ve built up her own personal investment in this situation so much that it seems odd to leave her out of its resolution. On the other hand, it could be a death trap, so leaving her behind is logical. Especially from the friendly perspective, and even more so when you consider that Chu’nyan has shown none of the fighting prowess that the others so clearly have. (Even Sakura outstrips her at this point. Which makes me wonder if they’ll be leaving Sakura with her as well? Again, logical decision. BUT SAKURA AND SCREEN TIME. I NEED MORE OF IT TO HAPPEN) 

But obviously the best thing to happen here is the entire part of the last two panels. Not only do Fai and Mokona both look to Kurogane in tandem, but Fai is actually suggesting that he might be more effective at talking to Chu’nyan than he is. It’s hard to tell if he means it seriously of if he’s just doing it to tease him. Either way, Kurogane’s expression in the final panel is everything I ever needed in life. TBH I don’t think this low quality scan really gives an accurate impression of just how striking it is on the actual pages, but I’m sure you can tell how it’s supposed to be. 

This blog might seriously turn into a Kurogane’s Face Appreciation Blog. I would have no regrets. 

fai not being able to sing at all, but kurogane never says anything because he knows that fai loves to sing. kurogane having a beautiful and gentle voice that he only shares when fai is half asleep in his arms and can’t say anything to possibly tease him. husbands singing to each other. lovely husbands

Uno dei pochi piaceri che ho è:
guidare nelle ore disparate del giorno e della notte in solitaria, con la radio accesa e canticchiare sottovoce. Guidare in quelle strade che solitamente sono super trafficate ma appena sono deserte sono le più belle, dove le idee si riordinano e tutto sembra apposto automaticamente e anche le persone o le cose più dolorose fanno meno male. Quelle strade in cui riesco a state bene.

Ecco, questo è uni dei pochi piaceri che non mi dovete togliere.





I’m so pleased. 

Because Chu’nyan has a very legitimate reason to be upset over this. Like I said just before, this struggle is basically her entire life. It took everything she had and left her with nothing, and she’s tried so hard for so long to try and make things right. Only now these new guys are gonna go off and fix it straight away with out any input from her whatsoever. It must hurt her so much. 

Which isn’t to say it doesn’t hurt Syaoran to do it either. He has that “dark decisions” look to his face when he’s actually quite upset about something but isn’t letting any of it show on his face. Instead he has to show a bit of a cruel facade to keep Chu’nyan from coming along, because she won’t listen to anything said nicely (ie, Fai). 

But Sakura is there to pick up the pieces and support Chu’nyan when she needs it the most, AND I’M SO GLAD THAT SAKURA IS DOING AT LEAST SOMETHING THAT THIS IS ALL WAY MORE EXCITING TO ME THAN IT PROBABLY LOOKS. 

LOOK AT SAKURA GO. She was comatose just a few days ago, but now she’s not only coping with the very weird backstory that everyone had to explain to her but she can actually read the correct character motivations behind what these people (that she doesn’t really know ) do, match it to the inconsistency of what they’re actually doing, and explain it to Chu’nyan in a gentle way, even though she doesn’t know her that well either. 

Sakura you guys.