Les histoires de Chris et Sebastian

Once upon a time, there was this cute boy :

(hello look at me, i’m too cute, what a cutie i am, it’s me you know, cutie boy)

I saw him and sudently i was like

(who r u what’s ur name, plz be naked too bro)

He told me lol bitch plz i’m not that easy

So I told him “But I have a nice dick and you have nice lips! Perfect to be together 4 life”

(coincidence ? Je ne crois pas)

Oh really ?


while i drew this i was trying to come up with justifications for it but there aren’t any. i don’t even remember why i sketched it in the first place. something about kurogane having red eyes and a weed joke? what was the point? who am i

a lot of liberties were taken with fai’s coat because the original design is super complicated and also too white. i’m kind of happy with this even though i shouldn’t be.