Bomb Review: Dolly Strap Velvet Shoes from BuyChina X

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Price: $4.81 ; Shipping to US:  ~$20

Shipping: What I expected of something from China, which was 2-3 weeks. I ordered two pairs of shoes, and they both arrived in joint packaging, undamaged and (I think) un-searched. 

Quality: I was really worried seeing as these were really cheap, but they’re actually extremely cute and comfortable! They zip up in the back, so you don’t actually have to deal with any of the straps, which is nice. They actually seem rather sturdy, and I’m pleased with them. 

Color: Black is black. I love them. 

Price: So cheap! I’ve bought flip-flops for more, even though the shipping on these was high. I would definitely buy another pair in another color, for this price. 

Overall, I’m surprised at how amazing these are! I bought these on a whim, and almost expected them to be trash. I actually like them more than the creepers I bought with them (blasphemy). 

Note: I was also worried that these would be too small, since I was ordering through China sizes, but they actually seem to run slightly big! I’m very happy ; u ;