Goodbye, for now.

The thing with goodbye’s is, you never quite know how they’ll end. People walk in and out of our lives on a daily basis, some make monumental differences whilst others pass through barely noticed. But the beauty of a goodbye is, it’s the seal on the envelope before it becomes a hello. This week I have greeted many of the people who have walked in. I have thought about the changes they have made, and in due time will thank them for those. One goodbye lead me straight into the arms of a hello which made me nostalgic . The goodbye came abruptly and hastened the hello that followed. These greetings have made me more aware of what it is I allow each of the people in my life to shift around, what I allow people to build, and to reconsider the space I let them build in if I do.

I would like to say hello to a new chapter, but am sure that this one will be a goodbye with a different ending to most, this chapter’s goodbye’s are only till we meet again. After all, we always have a return address on the letters we send.