since i follow, and am followed by, lotsa people in the wreck it ralph fandom, i decided to point out a few blogs i think you should all be following if you love WIR and even just disney/animation in general

all these blogs are quality so go follow them if ya love wreck it ralph <3

What Happened Last Night

Summary: Felix helps a hungover Tamora recall the events of the previous night.

A/N: Another HC/AU story! Again, not in anyway connected to fix-it-feesh's amazing series, but a million credits to her and fafafixit for making this AU what it truly is! :]

Disclaimer: I do not own Wreck-It Ralph or any of its characters.

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let’s wait just a diddlydarn minute i feel like I need to see some WiR fanart from a VERY SPECIAL ARTIST (fafafixit)

casually rolls through that blog again aaaaaah wonderful art