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Ch. 9 - With Words - of The Wildness Within (Augus/Gwyn/Ash) is up!

No new tags. :)

In which Augus is probably his own worst enemy except how Efnisien is literally out there, in which Gwyn uses his words to be a pushy little shit and Ash is apparently an exceptional mediator.

Chapter 9 - With Words @ AO3

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Ch. 8 - Cold and Warm - of The Wildness Within (Augus/Gwyn/Ash) is up!

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This is a Gwyn perspective chapter, in which Gwyn is disoriented, unhappy, thoroughly unimpressed with the Raven Prince and in the worst mood. But Ash handles it as adeptly as he handles just about anything; he does have that glamour on his side, after all. 

Chapter 8 - Cold and Warm @ AO3

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The Lone Wolf (Gwyn + The Raven Prince) is up!

Title: The Lone Wolf (Fae Tales AU)
Rating: Teen+
Warnings: Mind games, magically inflicted violence, magical duels, non-sexual D/s, the Raven Prince doing what he does best (being a smug douche).
Pairing: Non-sexual Gwyn ap Nudd + The Raven Prince

Summary: Gwyn ap Nudd, adopted by the Unseelie Court and half-raised by the Raven Prince himself, is the protégé and apprentice of the Raven Prince, and both of them are Master Mages. The Raven Prince has always liked having a hound to do his bidding, no matter how dangerous the task, nor the hound.


A huge thanks to the folks on Patreon, as this is part of the Milestone Pledge reward for The Raven Prince. :) It was funded into existence! Massive thank you to everyone and the readers and lurkers and more. You’re all awesome. <3

PS: This AU actually reveals that the Raven Prince does have a wand! He’s just exceptionally good at keeping it hidden.
Chapter 1 of The Wildness Within (that feral!Gwyn AU) is up!

As always, you don’t actually need to know anything about the universe to read any of the AUs. :D

Title: The Wildness Within (1/?)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: A heap, check out the tags. But at our most basic this is a torture recovery fic, and will obviously be dealing with trauma and PTSD. Will feature hurt/comfort in increasingly liberal amounts, until it buries people alive.
Pairing: Augus Each Uisge/Gwyn ap Nudd/Ash Glashtyn (yes, this shall eventually be Triple Crown).

Summary: Gwyn ap Nudd was supposed to be raised to be one of the greatest warriors of the Seelie Court, but instead - when he is young - he is turned out of his home after a traumatic event, only to be repeatedly trapped and tormented in the neighbouring forest by his cousin until finally…only a semi-wild being remains. Discovered and captured by a young, Unseelie waterhorse, no one knows if Gwyn is capable of recovery - though that doesn’t stop two brothers from trying. But the situation is dire, especially with his cousin still out there, looking for his missing prey…


This is a Patreon milestone reward! And another two chapters have already been written. Enjoy! :)

Chapter 1/3 of Quid Pro Quo (Gwyn/Ash) is UP!

Quid Pro Quo

small multi-chapter feelgood PWP
warnings for: NOTHING. (eventually porn). All the tags are there, so you can see what you’re getting yourself in for.

Summary: Gwyn ap Nudd - War General to the Oak King of the Seelie fae - is in the human world to escape the pressures of the fae world; but it turns out Ash Glashtyn - Unseelie waterhorse - is looking for a place to drink and lands on Gwyn’s bar. Seriously, can Gwyn not get away from the fae for five seconds?


Here’s chapter 1!

AU - set in the Fae Tales Verse, before all the GT/FtDWR/ISWF shenanigans. Gwyn’s younger, his heartsong is triumph and Ash is a pushy sweetie who wants to get laid.

This is three chapters long and finished; regular updates are guaranteed.

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anonymous asked:

Hello there! I wanted to share with you an AU that myself and a friend were chatting about. It had Gwyn as a girl and when she was a toddler she met her cousin Efnisien. Instead of him hating her and hurting her; he felt love for her (like what Crielle and her sister had) The main idea was that he protected her and she followed him like a puppy and did everything to make him happy. She feed herself properly because he likes her light. Her family still hate her but she is loved by her cousin.

I’m just trying to imagine Efnisien + Gwyn having a bond like Crielle + Penarddun, that would definitely make for a very different tale! (But then, so would the fact that they’re toddlers in the AU). 

(Also I feel like they’d be absurdly cute toddlers).

anonymous asked:

Now I can't get the image of Gulvi pegging Augus out of my head X'DDD If I could draw, I'd try drawing it ehehhe

Oh man, as soon as Gulvi said it, I was like…

I would like to write that.

Gulvi pegging Augus?

Cannot unsee.

Ch. 7 of The Wildness Within (Augus/Gwyn/Ash) is up!

New tags: Medical procedures, and a warning some non-consenting stuff with Gwyn, though none of it’s sexual in nature. You know, the Raven Prince and his care for people’s boundaries and all that!

In this chapter, Augus finds a way to get Gwyn to the Unseelie Court, and then Gwyn decides he doesn’t like it there very much; not that the Raven Prince goes out of his way to make a good first impression. We get to meet Fluri, the mouse-maiden, and the Raven Prince makes an unlikely decision…

Chapter 7 - Contained @ AO3

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Chapter 2 of The Wildness Within (feral!Gwyn AU) is up!

Aaaand here’s where you can find it:

Chapter 2 - Calls in the Night - at AO3

This chapter has everything. And by everything I mean it also has Ash and Efnisien. *claps hands excitedly*

engardefuckboi asked:

Feral!Gywn AU? If you don't mind, details? :)

It’s actually looking like at least 15,000 words are gonna get written. The folks supporting my writing through the Patreon account recently had the option to vote on three different AUs that I will write 15k on (it also included expanding Salt Water, or writing more on Quid Pro Quo) and the feral!Gwyn AU has come out on top. I think even if every other patron voted right now, feral!Gwyn would still be what’s getting the wordcount.

And the storyline is very simple:

Gwyn, at Court status, is abandoned into the forest by his family at a very young age, and becomes wilder and far less verbal. Efnisien, his cousin, still lays traps for him on a regular basis and tortures him - giving Gwyn a large fear of the unknown, and other fae.

One day, Augus - a well-respected dominant, beloved of the Raven Prince and pretty happy with his own life thank you very much - stumbles across Gwyn in his forest, ripping his leg apart in a trap. He goes to leave, and then comes back, freeing him. He finds himself oddly fascinated; especially by the fact that Gwyn is a non-verbal common fae of high status. He decides he wants to figure out where Gwyn is from, and get to the bottom of the mystery, but Gwyn isn’t exactly cooperative, and Augus has bitten off way more than he can chew. (Ash helps out, he’s always been good with dogs, and that ironically translates pretty well to a mostly non-verbal wild Gwyn).

It will feature aspects of puppyplay as a kink, among other things. And wow is it angst heavy.

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In the best of broken resolutions i was just wondering how Gwyn got the scars around his hip to lower back that detail intrigued me and would human Augus or gwyn ever have any tattoo's piercings and what music would they listen to? Thank you for your time and I hope you had a good holiday

Gwyn got the scars around his hip / lower back from Efnisien. And Efnisien went to juvenile detention for it (because he couldn’t be tried as an adult at the age in which he hurt Gwyn). Gwyn doesn’t talk about it with anyone, especially since his family were sympathetic to Efnisien. But that’s why he’s sensitive/annoyed when Augus pays particular attention to them. 

Augus prefers classical music and sometimes quiet, background indie stuff (like Woodpigeon, Shearwater, Greg Laswell, Sneaker Pimps, Portishead etc. - His brother will never forgive him for his taste in music). Gwyn listens to anything that has a decent enough beat to run to, and otherwise he hasn’t developed much of his own taste because he prefers silence and doesn’t really know how to hunt down the kind of music he might like. 

As for tattoos/piercings, I’m not sure! I’d hesitantly say a no to both for Gwyn, but I’m not going to set that in stone. As for Augus…possibly a no to tattoos, but I see him having a few piercings in his life that he’s maybe gotten rid of now (eyebrow / nose / etc.), probably because of how he wanted to appear in the workplace so that colleagues would take him more seriously. (I feel like this Augus cares a great deal about reputation, and thought that if he was going to keep the lustrously long hair, he’d have to ditch the rest of his accoutrements - though he ended up ditching that too, but that was on a bet, so it doesn’t count).

I did have a good holiday, thank you! <3 :D And yeah, the scar thing: Efnisien. I like to think there’s a whole background story there where Efnisien always kind of bullied him and then one day just took him hostage in a treehouse and it was very very bad. Gwyn doesn’t talk about it, and Efnisien went back into adult jail soon after his release from juvie because he hurt someone else, but Gwyn is always sort of aware any time Efnisien has an appeal coming up.

*shoves angst into everything*

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Can we please, pretty please with a sack of pure sugar on top, have a oneshot of Augus and Gwyn switching bodies for a day? Please omg, I think I would die.

It does sound pretty tempting, doesn’t it, Anon?

It’d probably just be a porn oneshot. I’m almost certain that Augus would get off way too much watching Gwyn sort of hulk around in his own body.

‘No, Gwyn, it doesn’t work that way. I’m designed to move gracefully, now come over here. Let me show you what your body can do.’

Gwyn would just be perpetually trying to nope out. In Augus’ body.

I think it’d be hot and hilarious. Always a good combination.

Knowing me I’d probably find like 10000 ways to slip angst in there.

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*whispers* High school AU. Feral Gwyn AU. *lies down and basks happily*

I’m really hoping that folks like The Wildness Within - which is the feral Gwyn AU, it’s been interesting to write, because my initial idea for it had to be thrown out the window (the premise is still the same, but I contracted the events of about ten chapters into three, lol).

Anyway, here’s an excerpt from chapter two of The Wildness Within!:

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anonymous asked:

Could you tell us more about Mikkel? I like this character so much!

I do less well with overall vague questions than specific ones! So if there’s anything in particular you want to know, let me know! :) I’ll see what I can help out with (anything spoilery, I can’t).

And I enjoy him a ton as well. I think he might need to find his way into an AU in the future. Maybe the Spoils of the Spoiled AU, as a bratty ace person with way too much insight / empathy into how others function. *g*

anonymous asked:

Would Gwyn have ever met up with Augus in the Lone Wolf? If so, how would that go on about? Like, what happens between these two?!? D: Thanks for taking the time of day! Hope you have an amazing day!

I’m not really sure how it would go, I’ve thought about it a little bit, and it’s hard to find plausible scenarios in which they’d like each other?

I think Augus would find Gwyn insufferably arrogant. And I think Gwyn would dismiss Augus from the outset (because he is insufferably arrogant).

But I was thinking of a scenario where Gwyn is aware that he has these massive loyalty issues with the Raven Prince and doesn’t know how to deal with them, hears rumours about what Augus does, and decides to give him a visit with a view to like…dealing with that. But it’s difficult to say how it would go. The Lone Wolf’s Gwyn has a submission that’s buried much deeper down. (It’s one thing to kneel at the feet of a King who has given you everything, it’s quite another to submit to someone in an intimate relationship), and I’m not sure Augus would like the way this Gwyn comes across.

So…it’d be trickyyyy. One of those things where I’d feel like I’d be pulling a lot of strings to make them not just dismiss each other outright and not want to talk to each other again, lol.

anonymous asked:

Sorry for bothering you, but I was wondering when you are going to update The Spoils of the Spoiled, or if you are going to update it? I apologize if you feel rushed by this ask. Have a wonderful day.

You’re not bothering me! <3

Though I don’t have an easy answer for you on Spoils of the Spoiled, initially it was on pause because I wanted to gank the idea and rewrite it as original fiction with new characters. But I don’t want to do that anymore (I have enough original fiction / original cast ideas that I don’t need to pull from Augus/Gwyn AUs).

So now the problem is that The Wildness Within was always better received between the two of them, so that one will likely get written first. My writing schedule is always very full, and those two AUs often get neglected. I’m hoping to get some Wildness Within chapters out after the origins story, and I don’t want to forget about the Spoils of the Spoiled AU because let’s face it, I love that dynamic, and they’re fun to write as moody, bratty, bitchy teen-adults.

I have no when, I’m sorry, Anon. But I do have the intention of updating it. *looks wistfully off into the future* I wish I could do more! <3

Chapter 3 of The Wildness Within (feral!Gwyn AU) is up!

Hooooo boy so much happens in this chapter, including Gwyn talking! Well, for a little while.

Chapter 3 @ AO3

And it’s pretty much official that the Raven Prince will eventually be a part of this story - so along with triple crown (Ash/Augus/Gwyn) as a pairing, this is just…*sighs happily* This has turned into my cracky indulgent ‘eeeee’ fic - along with the highschool AU, lol. COFT is my HC indulgent 'OMG’ fic. Heh.

Anyway, enjoy! :D (Comments are love).