I went back to my alma mater in high school earlier and saw this guy who’ve been my crush for two years (he’s hotter and taller now, I can’t even) and guess what…..he stared directly in my eyes (for so long that I can’t bear it anymore) and told me after that I got even more gorgeous and beautiful….like are you really talking to me?? I’m a trash…oh gawd.

From @otpprompts: imagine person A holding person B as they die, and singing "you are my sunshine" as the life fades out of person B

The commander’s arm shook so badly he could no longer tell if each tremor came from himself or the figure he tried to hold on to. Levi’s mouth fell open but nothing came out—it was a shock he could manage that much; most of his precious bones were crushed. Erwin felt the grief light his own bones aflame. He kissed Levi, putting as much love as he could in the simple action. Levi whimpered “Please help me. Erwin…help.” His eyes were dark with pain and Levi’s head lolled against Erwin’s chest.;”My only sunshine,” Erwin chorused softly. He could feel the slow, scattered beat of his wife’s heart. That song—on their wedding night he had sung it and Levi beamed like a literal ray from the sun. Erwin let go of him, laid Levi across his lap and grabbed a limp hand. “Help,” the love of Erwin’s life said again, though it was noiseless this time around.”You make me happy, when skies are..Levi!” he wailed, as the solar eclipse descended.

I’m lost and fading, life ain’t great.
My heart is breaking and life won’t wait.
—  Lost & Fading
Creo que las cosas imposibles se pueden conseguir, que los besos con los ojos cerrados son los únicos que cuentan, que las heridas no siempre cierran, y que todo el mundo se enamora alguna vez. Creo que quien te quiere se queda, que tiene más cuenta buscar a alguien que limitarse a esperarle, y que si no luchas por esa persona luego no puedes ir llorando por los rincones. Creo que nos empeñamos en hacer las cosas más difíciles de lo que son. Creo que un mundo mejor es posible, y sobre todo creo en las personas que luchan para conseguirlo. Creo que después de llorar siempre hay quién te saca una sonrisa. Creo que hay que disfrutar del ahora. Creo en el destino, y creo que nosotros mismos lo elegimos.

Julio Cortázar

Como alguien que no me conoce puede entenderme tanto!!!

Un grande!