I can’t believe this song is 10 years old now since it released in 2005. It still makes in impact on me whenever I listen to it.

so long my luckless romance,
how to know if the signs are breaking up with you
  • Aries:they ignore your texts and make excuses for not hanging out with you
  • Taurus:they don't seem to remember your likes and dislikes and pick fights over stupid things
  • Gemini:they don't ask you to hang out with them or talk to you in public anymore
  • Cancer:they avoid you and their friends give you pitying looks
  • Leo:they get angry with you more easily and never want to talk to you
  • Virgo:they stop offering constructive criticism and instead try to hurt you
  • Libra:they don't want to be seen with you in public and try to distance themselves
  • Scorpio:they tell you they need space and stop defending you in public
  • Sagittarius:they will try to avoid you as much as possible and may be harsh
  • Capricorn:they will be cold and distant and will choose other people over you
  • Aquarius:they won't talk about their interests with you and will try to fade out of your life
  • Pisces:they won't answer your calls or texts but act normal in person