Funny how many people out there try to scare you about every little thing. 

This is nothing compared to the GMO’s we are all eating. Although a lot of anti GMO people use scare tactics simular to this image above to try and scare you into eating healthy with false facts and extreme accusations. 


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The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s triennial international survey compared test scores from 65 countries. Happiness was ranked based on the percentage of students who agreed or disagreed with the statement “I feel happy at school.” Test scores were ranked based on the combined individual rankings of the students’ math, reading, and science scores.

52 of the World’s Most Widespread Myths And Misconceptions 

Drinking alcohol keeps you warm. Napoleon Bonaparte was short. If you swallow gum, it will take you seven years to digest it. Human beings have five sense. These are all myths that have become universal knowledge in our culture. Although these rumors have spread globally, the infographic below, created by data journalist and information designer David McCandless, debunks a collection of misconceptions and rumors embedded into our culture. 

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"Unemployed Men Over Time"

NOTE: Why only men? Two reasons: (1) that’s the available data upon which this is based; (2) over the past 60 years, social values about men in the workplace have remained largely unchanged; the same cannot at all be said about women. The point here is to make economic commentary, not a mix of gender role and economic commentary.

Facts About Dreaming

Our intrigue about dreams stems from its mystery and significance of the inner workings of the subconscious. For example, every face you have seen in your dreams resembles a person you have exposed to in your life. Your body is paralyzed during your sleep, for the purpose of not acting out your dreams. Studies also show that the human mind has the capacity to conjure up a dream in the mother’s womb, from the fetal age of seven months. 

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