Whites commit more crimes than blacks

A sort of doublespeak for statistics, a common “fact” that many SJW like to show are the numbers of Black crime versus white crime. In 2013, the most recent information from the same year I could find on population by race and on crime by race, shows white people were arrest 6,214,197 times while black people were arrested 2,549,655. Fare enough to say then that white people are more prone to breaking the law, except its not total number we should be looking at. We should be directing our attention to crime by race in reference to each race’s population size. When this is taken into consideration the numbers tell a completely different story.

In 2013 white people represented 78.40% of the US population according the official US Census. While black people represented a total of 13.66%, we could hope that then the arrest rates would be proportional. Unfortunately this is not the case, for every white person less than 1 arrest was made. While for every 1 black person, 2 arrests were made. Compare this to the almost 1 to 1 arrest rate of American and Alaskan natives, 4 to 1 ratio of Asians, and 7 to 1 ratio of Native Hawaiian and pacific Islanders.

We cannot simply say white people commit more crimes while overlooking the white population size in the US. If whites were arrested at a rate similar to blacks then a case could be made but not a very good one. If you want to talk about white washing, then the incessant need to blame whites is very much that. You can argue racial profiling and discrimination, but you have to provide numbers so we can figure out a closer percentage if your argument is correct.

There are probably those that before even reading through this have already declared racism. Numbers are not racist, numbers are a means of representing truths and are often twisted by those who aim to mislead and misrepresent. I’ve provided you with numbers and sources and have pointed out the misrepresentation by SJW using the same information used by SJW. There is a very real problem in black America and simply ignoring it won’t fix it. And neither will the constant pseudo-victimization of black on social media. We must become comfortable with discussing uncomfortable truths. Proper discourse need to be had, not the immediate slandering and ad hominem attacks, the decrying of racism in the face of negative publicity. This only serves to entitle those who are justifiably arrested to sympathy they do not deserve.