The Signs and Family Gatherings

Aries’ usual spontaneity and pizzazz is a bit squelched over the holidays. They may find family members more defensive or critical than before. They need to be less the entertainer and more of a worker to pull everyone together. 

In their calm, placid way, Taurus is able to keep everyone calm. They don’t look as if they’re doing much, but they have a positive influence that’s very persuasive. Their strength of personality will win the day. 

Gemini is thrilled to have a wide selection of conversations to jump into. At first they may need to push themselves to join the party but once they warm up, everyone enjoys the entertainment. 

Cancer is in their element with the family tribe around. If emotional tension arises, they know it’s best to get it into the open and out of the way. A few family friends added to the party helps ease stress. 

Leo rises exuberantly to the occasion and keeps everyone content. They won’t put up with any nonsense and may be a bit bossy, but their obvious good intentions will keep them from being unpopular. 

As usual, Virgo works hard to make sure everyone is looked after during dinner, and then they disappear into the kitchen to do all the cleaning up. They’re good organizers but not the greatest at relaxing into the party. 

Libra wants heartfelt chats one-on-one with family members, and may be less sociable than usual. Ultimately, their emotional connection with everyone draws the entire family together. 

Scorpio is all charm, refusing to allow tensions to escalate. They’re instantly on hand to smooth out any stressful situations or potential arguments that may arise. 

Sagittarius is happy-go-lucky, as usual. They can’t stand seeing sad faces, and do all they can to make family members feel just as elated as they are. 

Capricorn is cautious when the family is together, wary of disagreements breaking out. They may seem standoffish at first, but will warm up as the evening unfolds. 

Aquarius tends to love family get-togethers. Their positive attitude and refusal to be dragged into old resentments make them the star of the party. 

Pisces, in their quiet way, brings calm to the proceedings and will do everything they absolutely can to avoid any confrontations or stressful situations.

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