We Can Sense When Somebody Is Looking At Us Even If We Don't See Them


Have you ever had the feeling that someone was literally boring holes into the back of your head with their stare? Its like a prickly feeling on the back of your neck, almost like getting goosebumps or have a chill run down your spine. Some people say that that’s simply narcissistic paranoia and nothing else. However, that may not actual be the case. We, as humans, seem to have the capacity to sense when someone is staring at us even if we cannot see them with our own two eyes.

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A Psychological Study Has Found that People Who Are Generally “Too Nice” Are Also The Ones Getting Hurt The Most


I’ve been described to be a lot of things, artistic, sarcastic and the like. One that stuck to me though, was that I was nice. Too nice. But it’s not a bad thing, right? I mean we were all taught to be nice to other people. Ellen DeGeneres’ tag line every time her show draws to a close is‘be kind to one another’, so it’s a good thing, right?

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“This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time”


Chuck Palahnuick , author of the novel turned movie, fight club,  never got it so right as in the moment he had his main character explain the existential crisis his life was becoming. All people have these moments of self reflection where they begin to question everything in their lives and the impact they will have upon the world. However some take this moment to contemplate what to with said life, while other become overwhelmed by the life they see before them. These people begin to question everything they are doing and everything they want to do. They begin to question their previous life choices, and all the decisions they have made up until this point and begin to fear that perhaps they have wasted a part of their life.

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10 Daily Random Facts

The fear of remaining unmarried or marrying the wrong person is called “anuptaphobia”

Seth Rogen co-wrote the first draft of “Super Bad” at the age of 13.

You are more likely to be killed by a vending machine than you are to hit the Mega Millions jackpot.

Jellyfish kill more people each year than sharks do.

Apple iPad’s retina display was actually manufactured by Samsung.

The Brazilian Wandering Spider bite will give you a painful erection for hours.

The Statue of Liberty is green because of the oxidation of its copper exterior; it was originally the same color as a dull penny.

Tom Cruise was a linebacker for his high school varsity team. He was cut from the team when caught drinking beer before a game.

Hitler had a plan to assassinate Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt at the same time.

In 1967, a magazine published a fake story about extracting hallucinogenic chemicals from bananas to raise moral questions about banning drugs. People didn’t realize it was a hoax and began smoking banana peels to try to get high.

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Oh sweet sweet music


Have you ever heard the theory that we, as human beings should not listen to music while doing something else like studying or working because then you will get distracted and inevitably lose focus on both things. Basically the theory states that we are incapable of doing two things at a time simply because our brains just don’t work that way. However it seems that no one really heeds the advice of this theory. People still tend to study and work while listening to their music and claim that it makes it actually makes them focus more. So whats the truth?

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