Just because you’re Black and you live in a Black community, which has been projected as a community of criminals. This is done. And once the public accepts this image also, it paves the way for a police-state type of activity in the Negro community. They can use any kind of brutal methods to suppress Blacks because "they’re criminals anyway." And what has given this image? The press again, by letting the power structure or the racist element in the power structure use them in that way.
—  Malcolm X

Where are the fucking punks, huh? Where are the anti-racists, the anti-facists, the SJWs, the activists, the anarchists?

Where are the fucking white punks who reblog “fuck the police” and “all pigs must die”? Stop sewing patches, sober up, and recognize the moment you’ve been whining about, when police are militarized and shooting black men, women, and children, in the streets.

Where the fuck are you right now?


Get loud if you can’t get to Missouri.

Who Is Running Australia - Worst Government Ever.

Tony Abbott - Prime Minister

Self proclaimed minister for Women. - 'it would be folly to expect that women will ever dominate or even approach equal representation in a large number of areas simply because their aptitudes, abilities and interests are different for physiological reasons’.

George Brandis - Attorney General

Wanted to repeal a section of the Racial Descrimination Act, because - 'Everyone has a right to be a bigot'

Joe Hockey - Treasurer

Caught Dancing to ‘The Best Day of My Life’ before handing down a budget that held drastic cuts to Health, Education and would leave poor households in Australia considerably worser off in comparison to richer households.

Christopher Pyne - Minister for Education

Didn’t understand legislation for his own portfolio regarding changes to University Fees. Changes will mean students from lower socio-economic backgrounds will pay up to $30,000 more for a degree than those from rich households. Called the leader of the opposition a ‘cunt’ in parliament.

Kevin Andrews - Minister for Social Services.

Believes all De-Facto couples 'living in sin' should get married (unless you’re gay) because they are apparently more likely to seperate.

Eric Albez - Minister for Employment

Wants people to apply for 40 jobs a month, while doing 25 hours a week of community service, even though those under 30 will not be recieving any sort of welfare payment from the government for 6/12 of those months. When asked about the fact that there are more unemployed than available jobs, his reply was 'When jobs are sparse, it means that you’ve got to apply for more jobs to get a job,'.

Greg Hunt - Minister for The Environment

Addmited to using Wikipedia for research into matters within his portfolio. Approved a massive coal mine which will increase carbon omissions and damage the Great Barrier Reef.

Scott Morrison - Minister for Immigration

Took away the medication of a three year old girl prone to fits seeking asylum. Asked refugees on a boat four questions before sending them back to Sri Lanka, saying it was a ‘Nation at Peace’

Julie Bishop - Minister for Foreign Affairs

Has managed to offend both Indonesia and China since coming into office. $650m cut from foreign aid.

There is no Minister for Science, because these people believe that there is no such thing as Global Warming and pretty much that the earth is flat.