If I had the power, I would add an 11th commandment to the already existing 10: “You should never be a bystander”.
—  Roman Kent, Holocaust survivor, in his speech on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. January 27, 2015.
“Just because you’re Black and you live in a Black community, which has been projected as a community of criminals. This is done. And once the public accepts this image also, it paves the way for a police-state type of activity in the Negro community. They can use any kind of brutal methods to suppress Blacks because "they’re criminals anyway.” And what has given this image? The press again, by letting the power structure or the racist element in the power structure use them in that way.“
—  Malcolm X

Where are the fucking punks, huh? Where are the anti-racists, the anti-facists, the SJWs, the activists, the anarchists?

Where are the fucking white punks who reblog “fuck the police” and “all pigs must die”? Stop sewing patches, sober up, and recognize the moment you’ve been whining about, when police are militarized and shooting black men, women, and children, in the streets.

Where the fuck are you right now?

Get loud if you can’t get to Missouri.


(some) Winners of the Photo Annual, 2015 - Photojournalism

1.  Ebola in West Africa. by Daniel Berehulak. 

2.  Protecting wildlife in Kenya. by David Chancellor

3.  Homophobia in Russia. by Mads Nissen

4.  Portraits of pro-Russian rebels in Donetsk, Ukraine. by Marko Djurica 

5.  The Awakening of European Fascism. by Paolo Marchetti

6.  Scenes from the fallout of the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Michigan. by Philip Montgomery


“Killing students is moving mexico”

Protest in solidarity with the 43 missing students of Ayotzinapa and the 6 inocents who died during the kidnaping

on september 26 the local police of Iguala opened fire to 3 buses killing 3 student, 2 members of a soccer team and 1 civilian and ended with the kidnaping of 43 students from the normal rural school of Ayotzinapa this happened near to a military base who did nothing to stop these actions.

This is not the first time that the mexican government do something like this for many years students and social activist have been disappearing or dying in mysterious circumstances and most of the time are covered up with the mainstream media who only works to praise the government actions and establish separations in society (sounds like facism to me).

This is a country that is tired of being ruled by the same organizations just with different faces, some call it the perfect dictatorship where it doesn’t matter how many elections are held the power always remain with the same group of people, we have been governed for the same corrupt organization for 85 years but even after these almost 100 years of corruption we see a bright future but we have to fight for it even if it cost us our lives, because if we don’t burn then who will light us in this darkness.

#Ayotzinapa #FueElEstado


V for Vendetta (2005) dir. James McTeigue

An interesting fact; In the original graphic novel, V’s cause was anarchy, not freedom. Alan Moore (the man behind the original graphic novel) was very critical of the movie for changing what he called the “anarchy vs. fascism” structure of his graphic novel into what he saw as an exploration of “American neo-liberalism vs. American neo-conservatism” that should have been set in the U.S. instead of Britain.

Gif source: (X)

Let me explain what's wrong with the "Only" lyric video

It should be obvious what’s wrong with Nicki Minaj’s video for Only. For those that haven’t seen it yet, it’s based on her in a role as a dictator of some unnamed country that YMCMB are in control of, a country with a massive military and a penchant for black, red and white colour schemes.

From the get-go glamourising dictatorships is pretty shitty but what’s worse is that the particular dictator she’s likened herself too is everyone’s favourite maniacal 20th century Führer, Adolf Hitler. 

I don’t know where to begin explaining why this is so wrong, there’s too much, so I’ll just refute some of the defences I’ve seen of the video. 

  • “It happened a long time ago and is no longer relevant”

A personal favourite. With it being a song from an American artist most people listening are American and therefore no longer feel the effects of WW2. Cool. However, across the Atlantic, Nazism is on the rise and has been for quite some time. Greece’s Golden Dawn, Hungary’s Jobbik and France’s National Front are all far right parties with some representatives in power. Golden Dawn are especially bad and have been linked to several murders. One of their representatives even assaulted a female politician on live TV. Nazism is alive and kicking in Europe and shows no sign of decreasing. Anti-semitism is on the rise as are attacks on migrants and other minority religious groups. These are all linked to Hitler’s idea of National Socialism. While the man and the Nazi party may be dead, his ideas and dreams live on almost as much as if he were alive today. 

  • “It’s not necessarily based on Nazis, just the role of a powerful dictator”

To not be able to spot the Nazi imagery in this video you would either have to be blind or stupid. 

This scene looks PRETTY familiar.

Also featured are armies of soldiers wearing red armbands with a white circle inside. Type in “red armband soldiers” into Google images and about 90% of the results are regarding the Nazi army. There is no way this isn’t based on Nazi Germany. There is literally nothing else that shares these aesthetics.

  • “What about Stalin/Vietnam/slavery, this isn’t that bad in comparison”

Stalin’s rule was terrible. The Vietnam war was terrible. Slavery was terrible. I think we can all agree on that. However, the difference is there are no major music videos explicitly depicting artists as slave owners or civilian murdering soldiers. Why? Because it would be offensive and in poor taste. This is a straw man argument. It’s not about whether slavery was worse than the holocaust, it’s about whether it’s appropriate or not to feature it in a music video. The answer is no.

  • “Nazis have been used in other media and no-one cared”

The only media I’ve seen that included Nazis have been WW2 movies and games that portrayed Nazis pretty much solely as the “bad guys”. In fact, Nazis are one of a few things that are ALWAYS the bad guys in western media (lumped in with terrorists, serial killers and zombies). An example that keeps coming up is Nazi imagery within the Lion King, with Scar representing Hitler. The difference is, Scar is through and through the villain. There’s nothing glamorous about his hyena army, unlike Nicki’s almost fetishised view of military might in smart uniforms.

  • “They’re not really Nazis, just using the imagery for controversy” also, “She had no creative control over the video”

I know Nicki Minaj isn’t a Nazi. But she DID have some influence over the video as it’s her song. Controversy is fine and could have come in many shapes and sizes, but glorifying the deaths of minorities for views is just wrong. Sell sex, sell gore, sell horror, just don’t sell a real life event that ruined the lives and legacies of millions.

  • “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it”

By this reasoning blackface is fine, because if you don’t like it you just don’t have to watch it. Gay-bashing TV shows are fine, because if you don’t like it you don’t have to watch it. Sexist humour and rape jokes are fine, because if you don’t like it you don’t have to watch it. Everything’s fine, until if affects you. As Martin Niemöller said, from a Nazi concentration camp, “at first they came for the socialists…”

Sorry for the long read, but this has made me pretty angry. Not just the video but the lengths people will go to defend it. During Nazi rule my mum would have been murdered. My girlfriend’s family had to flee from their home country in Romania to Venezuela to avoid being murdered. My neighbour, who died last year, spent time in a concentration camp and had a number tattooed onto him. My grandfather was shot in the leg and narrowly avoided death fighting against the Nazis. Real people, many of whom are alive today, made real sacrifices.

Nazism is a vicious, dangerous, evil ideology. It is not something to be used to sell records, it is not an aesthetic and it is definitely not justifiable to glorify and fetishise, even in a comparatively minor way such as the release of this video.

America Is Another Step Closer To A Police State (Must Read)

Farmington Hills just became the first city in America to host a state-of-the-art system of lampposts that make up something called the Intellistreets system. 

Simply put, the Intellistreets project is a system of Internet-connected luminaries that communicate with one another across the city. In addition to lighting the area, they can broadcast verbal and written messages, monitor rainfall and give directions.’

According to their own website, the system is also great for “data harvesting.”

Not only does Intellistreets offer information about the neighborhood and provide light, it also monitors the conversations of pedestrians, records video, monitors foot-traffic and counts heads — all of which is recorded and stored for possible analysis. And according to Harwood, the tiny 80,000 community of Farmington Hills isn’t going to be the only town using his technology — Detroit, Chicago and Pittsburgh have placed orders and the inventor claims that he is in talks with the Department of Homeland Security.

“This is not a system with spook technology,” Harwood tells WXYZ News. To placate that argument, however, one must be comfortable knowing that their every move and whisper is recorded and monitored by a network of computers between posts that can be controlled by a central hub, iPhone or tablet.

“The transformation of street lights into surveillance tools for Homeland Security purposes will only serve to heighten concerns that the United States is fast on the way to becoming a high-tech police state,” Infowars reported recently. Even abroad, London’s Daily Mail has singled out the project for infringing on civil liberties.

As a backlash began to hit Intellistreets, the company removed a YouTube video that offered an eerie insight into the surveillance capabilities, touts itself as “The solution for all college campuses” and discusses the system’s ability to store and analyze data. 

As of November, Farmington Hills has nearly a dozen of the posts, which was afforded through $791,300 in federal Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) funds the city was awarded in 2009.


Who Is Running Australia - Worst Government Ever.

Tony Abbott - Prime Minister

Self proclaimed minister for Women. - ‘it would be folly to expect that women will ever dominate or even approach equal representation in a large number of areas simply because their aptitudes, abilities and interests are different for physiological reasons’.

George Brandis - Attorney General

Wanted to repeal a section of the Racial Descrimination Act, because - 'Everyone has a right to be a bigot’

Joe Hockey - Treasurer

Caught Dancing to 'The Best Day of My Life’ before handing down a budget that held drastic cuts to Health, Education and would leave poor households in Australia considerably worser off in comparison to richer households.

Christopher Pyne - Minister for Education

Didn’t understand legislation for his own portfolio regarding changes to University Fees. Changes will mean students from lower socio-economic backgrounds will pay up to $30,000 more for a degree than those from rich households. Called the leader of the opposition a 'cunt’ in parliament.

Kevin Andrews - Minister for Social Services.

Believes all De-Facto couples 'living in sin’ should get married (unless you’re gay) because they are apparently more likely to seperate.

Eric Albez - Minister for Employment

Wants people to apply for 40 jobs a month, while doing 25 hours a week of community service, even though those under 30 will not be recieving any sort of welfare payment from the government for 6/12 of those months. When asked about the fact that there are more unemployed than available jobs, his reply was 'When jobs are sparse, it means that you’ve got to apply for more jobs to get a job,’.

Greg Hunt - Minister for The Environment

Addmited to using Wikipedia for research into matters within his portfolio. Approved a massive coal mine which will increase carbon omissions and damage the Great Barrier Reef.

Scott Morrison - Minister for Immigration

Took away the medication of a three year old girl prone to fits seeking asylum. Asked refugees on a boat four questions before sending them back to Sri Lanka, saying it was a 'Nation at Peace’

Julie Bishop - Minister for Foreign Affairs

Has managed to offend both Indonesia and China since coming into office. $650m cut from foreign aid.

There is no Minister for Science, because these people believe that there is no such thing as Global Warming and pretty much that the earth is flat.

My Choice, Not Yours

Remember back in January, when my photo, Judgments, went viral?

So, a couple weeks ago, a Belgian political party stole my work, and used it for their own purposes. They twisted into something completely against my morals – and called it “Freedom or Islam”

So, naturally, I flew to Belgium to stand up for myself – with help from the amazing organization My Choice Not Yours. (So yes – I’M IN BELGIUM! It’s amazing, but that’s another post.)

It bothers me that they stole my work, but it bothers me even more that the message they’re putting out is just wrong. It’s wrong to condemn people based on the clothes they wear, their religion, race, or sexual orientation. Everybody has a right to make their own choices. No person, or especially government should be able to interfere with that. It my choice, not yours.

So, to make it absolutely clear what my work is about, and to show wannabe-fascists everywhere that we will not be coerced into blind hatred – I need a little bit of your help. 

We thought up a crazy idea to extend the message of my original work: this Saturday, October 12th, my friends and I here in Brussels are going to print out a life-size version of Judgments. We’re going to go downtown, ask women of all colors and religions to take their picture next to it and post it on their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr with the hashtag #mychoicenotyours.

Want to help? Here’s what you do: click here to download the poster, which prints in black-and-white on A4 paper – and take a photo next to it. Take a photo of your friends next to it. Take a photo of your grandmother next to it – and post it with the hashtag #mychoicenotyours.

Do you have an odd haircut, non-traditional style of dress, or interesting tattoo? Write “it’s my choice, not yours” on a piece of paper or your skin, take a picture and hashtag #mychoicenotyours in the name of diversity.

If you really want to be heard, join us in taking it to the street this Saturday. Print out our poster and ask people to take their picture next to it using the hashtag #mychoicenotyours. 

Let’s make it a big global statement: it’s my choice, not yours.