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Hey. Hey Friday. Dangan Ronpa/The Human Game crossover where Cancel and Monobear/Junko are in direct competition trying to make more people feel despair, and also trying to sabotage the other person's game by DOING NICE THINGS FOR THOSE PARTICIPANTS (this may have multi-sent sorry)

to be honest, cancel’s design is somewhat based on monobear


Dystopian A/B/O where unmated Omegas without family willing to support them live in state-run or private breeding facilities. In return for their upkeep, they are forced to bare pups for unmated Alphas or infertile couples. 

Alpha Dean Smith has never taken the time to find a mate, too interested in his career. He is the favourite to succeed his boss as head of the company, but his boss has hinted he’d like for Dean to be a family man. That doesn’t necessarily mean having a mate, but it does mean having children. 

Dean applies to a private breeding agency and is paired with Castiel, an omega who’s been in the facility for about five years. Castiel has already delivered three healthy pups since he’s been used for breeding. Dean meets him, and his handlers, and views the whole thing as a business arrangement. Contacts are signed, Castiel seems complacent and fine with the whole idea. 

Castiel is inseminated artificially, but Dean arranges for him to move out of the breeding facility and to his home for the length of the pregnancy and a further six months afterwards until the baby is old enough to be weaned. Dean wants to be involved through every step, caring more for the precious cargo that Castiel is carrying than the Omega himself. 

That begins to change however. Dean finds it strange adjusting to having an Omega in his house, especially one who’s pregnant with his pup. Both his and Cas’s hormones are going crazy, telling them they’ve supposed to be mated. Dean doesn’t want a mate, especially one from a breeding facility who’s been used by other Alphas, so he shuns Castiel.

Then, in the middle of the night, he wakes up to hear Castiel crying. He goes to Castiel’s room, forgetting his prejudices, his body telling him his Omega needs him. He comforts Castiel, hugging him tightly, and finally Castiel tells him how much he hates living in the breeding facility, how much he loves and misses the children who’ve been taken away from him and how frightened he is of loosing this baby once Dean doesn’t need him any more.

In that moment, Dean decides he doesn’t care about becoming the new company boss. He has a new goal in life. He needs to save Cas and then he needs to shut down those breeding facilities once and for all. 


desire - years and tears // chained - the xx // undo - the 1975 // is there somewhere - halsey // eyes on fire - blue foundation // waiting game - banks // i wanna be yours - arctic monkeys // come under the covers - walk the moon // sex on fire - kings of leon // the night - honne // slow - lido x halsey // bad intentions - niykee heaton // wicked games - the weeknd // crave you - flight facilities // one time - marian hill // jealou$y - the nbhd // earned it - the weeknd // $ting - the nbhd // sex (acoustic) - the 1975 //

Link: http://8tracks.com/lameky/come-under-the-covers

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What would your first date with Kai be like? Like, how would he act? Where would he take you? Would he want you to take the lead or would he want to impress you by charming you?

Gosh I would die if I had the chance to go on a date with Jongin.

I think that Kai wouldn’t act that much different than he normally would if you guys were just hanging out, you know? I mean at first he might be a little more quiet than usual, but that’s only because he’s worrying about whether you’re going to have a good time or not! Kai seems like the person who would take a girl ice skating or dancing on the first date! If you guys go ice skating, it would be easy for you guys to start holding hands, which is great for him since it would probably take him a while to start holding hands with you! At least with ice skating, he can hold your hand to help you keep your balance, or so you can help him because god only knows how graceful that kid can be on ice! If you guys go dancing, it’ll be a great way for you guys to be in a place with a lively atmosphere where you can literally just dance your problems away. Dancing with him would be loads of fun, even if you aren’t the best at dancing yourself! He wouldn’t mind breaking out some silly moves just so that you wouldn’t be the worst dancer in the room. I think that he would try his best to impress you throughout the night, not in the sense that he will show off by throwing all of his money in the air and by showing up to your date wearing diamond shoes or anything like that! He would do little things like bringing you flowers, opening the doors for you, giving you his jacket, and complimenting you just to show you that he is boyfriend material! At the end of the day, I think that when it comes to the ‘good night kiss’, I think it would be best if you were to be the one to take the first initiative, otherwise he’d just spend a lot of time staring at your lips until you made the first move~

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he’s so pretty gah