“Mona Lisa of Galilee”, from the 3rd century city of Sepphoris, in what was then Roman Palestine. She is part of a large mosaic - whose main subject is Dionysus - which decorates the triclinium floor in a grand villa. Roman mosaic artists were certainly masters of the craft. The color and detail is incredible.

Jan or Johannes Vermeer van Delft, b. October 1632, d. December 1675, a Dutch genre painter who lived and worked in Delft, created some of the most exquisite paintings in Western art. His works are rare. Of the 35 or 36 paintings generally attributed to him, most portray figures in interiors. All his works are admired for the sensitivity with which he rendered effects of light and color and for the poetic quality of his images. from Pinterest

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Sometimes I think of quitting Tumblr because of all the hyperbole and silly syntax. Then I see another glorious gif of Benedict Cumberbatch, a photo of one of the Doctors, or even look back at the archives of my blog, Facemuseum, and decide to stick around a bit longer.