just another modern au: diego boneta as courfeyrac

Don’t let the wholesome smile and easy charm fool you; Courfeyrac is a short-fused revolutionary with a bat-shit-crazy streak a mile wide.

That isn’t to say he isn’t as nice and caring as he appears to be, it’s just that for every kind word and flirtatious note left in the pages of your favorite book, there is a midnight taco run that ends with Marius calling home from the Mexican border and Enjolras refusing to speak to any of them for a week. For every cute snapchat he sends, he tears campaign flyers that he doesn’t agree with off of walls before taking them home and burning them, screaming a war cry he makes up as he goes along. Try to remember, when faced with his boyish smile and annoyingly perfect hair, that if he ever calls you at three in the morning ‘just to ask a little favor, nothing major, I promise’ you’re probably going to be arrested two hours later wearing a banana suit and holding a potted cactus.

The simplest explanation for Courfeyrac is that he has more than the usual amount of heart. That’s what makes him such a loyal friend- he will go out of his way to take care of the people he loves, and do everything and anything he can to make sure they’re happy. He’s a flirt, yes, but that stems partially from a childhood where his sole mission was to compliment and be nice to everyone around him all the time so they’d never feel sad. That just naturally evolved into flirtation, but the sentiment behind it remains unchanged. It also has a bit to do with him being a little in love with everyone he meets. Courfeyrac is passionate, fiercely protective of his friends, and devoted to their cause. He does let his passions get away from him occasionally, but it’s not like anything all that bad ever happens (and never listen to anything Combeferre says to the contrary; he’s a dirty rotten liar).

Courfeyrac really just wants to make the world a better place for the people in it.

If he has to tear every single oppressive establishment apart with his bare hands to do so, well, so be it.

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Les Misérables faceclaims, Les Ami(e)s edition
Mélanie Laurent as Enjolras
Vicky Jeudy as Combeferre
Kina Grannis as Prouvaire
Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey as Feuilly
Diane Guerrero as Courfeyrac
Maya Arulpragasam as Bahorel
Frieda Pinto as Bossuet
Gwei Lun-Mei as Joly
Ellie Kendrick as Grantaire

my tentative Carlos facecasts:

  • Óscar Jaenada (with glasses only) for young!Carlos
  • Benjamin Bratt for present!Carlos

I know this seems random, but let me explain to you a thing. 

  • Óscar because I imagine Carlos to be a little awkward, wear glasses, and have beautiful, perfect hair
  • Benjamin because I wanted to get a temporally accurate FC for Carlos, who’s described as graying at the temples. Handsome with eye crinkles  (´ω`★)

wartbetweenfourwalls said:

I've always thought of Feuilly as like a first gen Irish kid whose parents immigrated illegally? idk man I can't ever think of him as anything other than ginger and freckly

allow me [clears throat]





ginger and freckly? NO PROBLEM!


please consider poc feuilly okay

anonymous said:

Just thought this would be the right time to ask this: How do you like the actor of Oz from Buffy as Feuilly? Because he pretty much fits the 'slight intense redhead' thing to a T.

Well, as I’ve said elsewhere, perhaps my most controversial bit of headcanon re:Feuilly is that I don’t see him as ginger. XD  Rather, flat brown hair, brown eyes, early-industrial-workers pallor from being indoors and eating poor food— in every way completely unremarkable to anyone doing a quick scan of a crowd. because, to me, that’s part of the point of Feuilly; he’s easy to overlook, not what people expect for a heroic type, but he is exactly that, through his drive and his compassion.

As for Oz— hmm,I can see it for the Ginger Feuilly crowd, but for me he just doesn’t have the focus.Oz is smart, but a little too mellow in the eyes and bearing for my own headcanon. But I totally see why you’d like it!

If you’ve ever seen How The Other Half Lives by Jacob Riis, my headcanon Feuilly looks rather like the older streetkids in those photos. For, well, obvious reasons. Hang on, I’ll find it, it’s sure to be online…

From L to R: Michael Fassbender, Chris Pine and Christian Bale. My story imagery sometimes plays like a film in my head, and these actors are who I imagine playing the three characters who have made it a contest among themselves to become the man that stops the motor of time. #projectdianthus #facecasts

"Logan, in a clear tone that magnetized attention, began to sing with no urgency…"

Reed: (Impressed) …Wow, I didn’t know you could sing Aerosmith like that. *leans forward a bit*

David: (Bothered) Oh crap, I can’t believe he can still actually sing like that. *splays fingers on face*

Twins: (Confused) *glance at each other* He’s good all right, really good but…why Aerosmith? Was Armageddon on cable yesterday?

Blaine: (Stunned-White) He’s not singing that to Kurt, is he?

Kurt: (Stunned-Red) He’s not singing that to me, is he?

Wes: (Disturbed) *shifts in seat* Oh man, if he’s singing that to Kurt, those are some truly creepy lyrics.”

Oh look, it’s Logan!