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"Fun" cocio related story: Back in 1.g there was a cocio contest on facebook where the winning school would get a visit. Well, being OG we decided that this would have to be us, so there was an extremely concentrated effort from at least my class to constantly send in contest entries via facebook, even in class. We were first for so long but got beaten by some place in Jylland or something in the last moment. But a classmate did end up winning one year's worth of cocio in the end.

Now is the time to remember the terrible tragedies that took place on this night, May 2nd, 14 years ago. What’s important to remember is none of those brave men and women whose lives were lost lost their life in vain; a major feat which, if not accomplished, may have drastically affected the world as we know it today. I would appreciate it if everyone could take a minute break from their facebooking to remember Severus Snape, Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Colin Creevey, Fred Weasley, and the 50 others, including Bellatrix Lestrange and Lord Voldemort. The Battle of Hogwarts is one of the most significant wizarding world battles to date. Never forget.
—  my younger brother made this status and it is now circulating facebook. i’ve never been so proud. #littlecoursemonster <–tumblr that shit.
Below is a Physical Therapy Clinic I worked for. They have entered into a grant program for small businesses. They need 250 votes and are only at 50. Please vote and reblog because this office means a lot to me and the money could help make many improvements that will benefit the patients!!!!

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Riker freaking lynch has been amazing on this show this season.

i knew from when they announced the cast that he was going to be top 3 

i voted for him every week and even had my sister call to vote for him as well.

he has worked his butt off for the past 10 weeks or so and he just keeps getting better and better. 

i am proud that he has made it to the finale, but whatever happens tomorrow on the show rikerr5 know we all you did the best and we did our best to vote for you to win. 

the first time he did the paso A LOT of people fell in love with him, lets just hope that people will call and vote on the website and facebook 


call: 1-855-234-5608

ABC website:http://vote-e.abc.go.com/shows/dancing-with-the-stars/vote/season-20


lets win this thing