Face Off Masterpost

Season 1

Welcome To The Jungle l Naked Ambition l Out of This World l Bad To The Bone l Switched And Hitched l The Dancing Dead l Family Plot l Twisted Tales

Season 2

Return To Oz l Water World l Rock Your Body l Night Terrors l Dangeous Beauty l Triple Threat l Alien Interpreters l Burtonesque l Dinoplasty l The Ultimate Spotlight Challenge

Season 3

A Force To Be Reckoned With l Pirate Treasure l Year of the Dragon l Alice In Zombieland l Supermobile l Dishonorable Proportions l Monster Twist l Who’s The New Who? l Junkyard Cyborg l Scene Of The Crime l Immortal Enemies l Live Finale

Season 4

Make It Reign l Heroic Proportions l When Hell Freezes Over l Eye Candy l Two Heads Are Better Than One l Bugging Out l Howl At The Moon l It’s Better In The Dark l Mummy Mayhem l Alien Apocalypse l Living The Dream

Season 5

Going For Gold l Future Frankenstein l Gettin’ Goosed l Subterranean Terror l Mother Earth Goddess l Trick Or Treat l Living Art l Cosmic Circus l Mortal Sins l The Laughing Dead l Dark Magic l Flights of Fantasy l Swan Song l Top 20 Countdown - Judges’ Favorites

Season 6

Sexy Beasts l Cosmic Conspiracy l Dragon’s Breath l Guitar Gods l In The Shadows l Cryptic Creatures l Open Sesame l Ego Trip Abroad l Mad Science l What A Dahl l Freaks Of Nature l Industrial Revolution l Bloodsuckers l Cry Wolf l Heavenly Bodies

Season 7

Life And Death l American Gangster l Ancient Aliens l Twisted Trees l Animal Attraction l Wizard Of Wonderland l Judge Match l Killer Instinct l Serpent Soldiers l Scared Silly l Teacher’s Pets l Off With Their Heads l Beautiful Disaster l Creature Carnage l One Knight Only

Season 8

Return of the Champions l Monkey Business l Let the Games Begin l Royal Flush l Sounding Off l Troll Bridge l Queen Bees l Dressed To Kill l Miss Intergalactic l Super Selfies l Imaginary Friends l

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So I was watching Face Off on Syfy, and I saw what is so far my favorite make up: The ‘Automaton Wife.’ The story behind the character is that a man owns a toy factory, but his wife is dying. So he has his workers build an automaton for her to live on in. As I watched this lovely lady show off to the judges, a thought came to mind…

She reminds me an awful lot of Stella from strexycorpertm. And the story reminds me a lot of her and Sergio from eruditexperimenter.

Also, that picture she’s holding is actually a portrait of her and her husband,

I know I’ve said this before, but Face Off is the best reality show for people who like watching creative people practice their craft, be totally supportive of each other, and coming up with awesome make-up designs without manufactured drama bullshit.

Face Off - “Sounding Off” (Creations and Morphs)

The artists learn that their next Spotlight Challenge will have them designing creatures based solely on unique sound effects created by two-time Academy Award nominated Sound Designer, Erik Aadahl.