Well I can finally knock mermaid bath off my Lush bucket list. 😍 it’s so pretty and I feel so soft. agreatgreenwizard also picked up a little something from our favorite smoke shop today. 😏happy Stoney Sunday guys! 💚


If you have a spare moment, please sign this petition! The Face Bar in Reading is threatened with closure after a boy was tragically stabbed at an RnB night. This venue is brilliant and has put on concerts from great up-and-coming bands like Pythia, Orestea and The Agonist. It hosts the best metal night I’ve ever been to and it would be a complete shame if it were to close just because of one individual’s terrible actions.

Thank you <3

snapitskatie asked:

Which neutral palettes would you recommend at the moment? Love your blog btw😻

  • Urban Decay Naked Palettes - an obvious pick, but you know they’re popuar for a reason. 3 and Basics 2 are my faves.
  • Maybelline The Nudes Palette - Affordable and a great range of shades.
  • Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palettes - neutrals with some bold colors and it smells like chocolate!
  • Sonia Kashuk Eye on Neutral Palettes - I like 2 better because it’s all matte shades.
  • Lorac Unzipped - probably the best one for someone who’s not as advanced since the shades are pretty similar and easy to work with.
  • NYX Adorable Palette and Natural Palette- cant go wrong with NYX, keeps your bank acocunt happy.
  • It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette - I like this one because it comes with a bigger highlighter shade and if you’re anything like me you hit pan on highlighter shades first.
  • Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye Contour Palette - probably the newest neutral palette out there…the shades are gorgeous!

sephora & bath and body works haul

mac eye shadow x 15: warm neutral - 85
too faced cocoa contour - 50
too faced chocolate bar palette - 59
elizabeth & james nirvana black - 26
instant brow pencil - 26
ephora nano lip liner - 8.2/ea
essie polish (from london drugs) - 8.5
mini candle - 4.5/ea
room perfume - 5.5
medium candle - 12.5
pocket hand sanitizers - 1.75/ea

grand total: 315.85