fabrizio corneli


Mathematics + Art = Awesome

Italian artist Fabrizio Corneli creates astonishing works of art that are carefully calculated sculptural pieces which function as astonishing light projectors and/or shadow casters. They’re made using math, but they look like magic.

Using mathematics to produce each visually compelling and mind-boggling piece of work, Corneli gives life to his seemingly simple, geometric wall extensions with light. He poignantly says, “Light is energy which creates forms.”

Visit Fabrizio Corneli’s website to check out more of his extraordinary artwork. 

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Shadow Play

With the help of geometric sculptures, artist Fabrizio Corneli constructs intricate shadow-images. The artist plays with light and its reflective abilities to create human faces, animals and geometric patterns. It may seem like the artist’s work is made by simply cutting a stencil into a metal object, but the artist’s shadow pieces are actually made by placing specifically shaped, abstract metal objects on the projection surface, with the light bouncing off and through those objects, to cast shadows which mimic features such as eyes, mouths, or even a girl on a swing.

The end result is an intangible piece of art; yes, the sculptural elements are tangible, but the image, the actual focus of the piece cannot be touched without distorting it, nor can it be seen without the use of light.

With the help of mathematics, the artist is able to carefully position his abstract sculptures in a way that will optimally project the result of the light reflection. As the artist states, “light is energy which creates form”; all the artist has to do is create a vessel into which light can travel, and then step back, to allow the light itself to form its own work of art. Light not only reveals the shape, but also creates it.

The results are almost like non-images, as in, the shadows on the walls are residues of what should be there, or was there, or could be. The images create an environment of the anamorphosis, combining science and poetry, mathematics and art.

-Anna Paluch



A selection of creations by Italian artist Fabrizio Corneli, who literally sculpts shadows and light to create silhouettes, faces, or even true paintings of light… A fascinating work involving lamps, metal plates, prisms, but also a lot of mathematics to think carefully the outcome of each sculpture… Some beautiful creations in line with Cement Bleak (light sculptures by Isaac Cordal), Light and Shadow (18 light sculptures by Kumi Yamashita) or the creations by Tim Noble and Sue Webster (shadow puppets from garbage), but also the creations of Larry Kagan (Light and Shadow – The sculptures by Larry Kagan).