System for faster prototyping turns 3D designs into LEGO models, allowing to focus on intricate details for 3D printing - video embedded below:

faBrickation is a new approach to rapid prototyping of functional objects, such as the body of a head-mounted display. The key idea is to save 3D printing time by automatically substituting sub-volumes with standard building blocks — in our case Lego bricks. When making the body for a head-mounted display, for example, getting the optical path right is paramount. Users thus mark the lens mounts as “high-resolution” to indicate that these should later be 3D printed. faBrickator then 3D prints these parts. It also generates instructions that show users how to create everything else from Lego bricks.

If users iterate on the design later, faBrickator offers even greater benefit as it allows re-printing only the elements that changed. We validated our system at the example of three 3D models of functional objects. On average, our system fabricates objects 2.44 times faster than traditional 3D printing while requiring only 14 minutes of manual assembly.

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Alliance Console Table Build

I was commissioned to build a table to commemorate the 25th anniversary of a local business in Baltimore. The pictures start with my concept drawing through fabrication of the table. The dimensions are 5’ wide, 32”high, 18” deep. The base is fabricated from 2”x4” rectangular tube, 2”x2” t-bar,1/2” round bar, 1” angle, 1/2” plate. The top is 100 year old lumber from my neighbors house, cleaned, lightly sanded, and waxed. I have a 40 ton Arcan press that came in very handy in the leg fabrication. Finished project in next post.


A snowboard!


1 & 2 - Trans. tunnel braces have been re-done to fit around the seat & harness mounts better.. it would have been impossible to get at them otherwise!

3 - The passenger seat mounts will be removable, so that I don’t have to commit to using the same (EXPENSIVE) seat for that side as the driver’s. The counter plates get some weld nuts.

4 & 5 - Drill lots of holes, then tack all the mounts in place.

6 & 7 - Nylon bushes for the upper diff brace.

8 & 9 - Diff brace all tacked together.

10 - I thought I’d better check that the brace comes out before welding everything up. It does! Which is nice.

Today has been a long exhausting day. These flares are a total “mind f*ck” and I still have to get the skins in cad. They should look bitchen when done though. #jeep #xj #kj #jk #wj #builtintheusa #fabrication #metal #cnc #armor #bumpers #offroadaccessories #dirtbound #dirtboundoffroad #overlandoutpost www.overlandoutpost.net www.dirtbound.com