Never underestimate fabrics

I’ve mentioned before how the intricate nature of fabrics, can, on its own, completely elevate an ensemble to a different level. I’m not referring to the obvious approach of opting for strikingly patterned fabrics, such as bold plaids or stripes, but to the core essence of thread combinations and woven techniques. The truth is that even if your personal style revolves around very subdued or plain fabrics, there’s still a wide range of options that allow your garments to stand out from the herd and portray your personality and charisma. Although these variations on sheer fabric quality and texture are more easily achieved on heavyweight, wintery options, the search for individuality has led to the appearance and revamping of outstanding warm weather alternatives.

Whether you favor natural fibers such as cotton, linen or silk, or are open to experimenting with blends of synthetic ones, the gamut of fabric choices available is likely to largely surpass the occasions when you would be able to sport them. Despite my natural tendency towards heavyweight fabrics, that causes me to browse selections of flannels and tweeds even during summer, I’ve been continuously coming across superb warm weather alternatives that manage to exude that extra flair. Be it through the introduction of subdued jacquards, overlapping threads of different hues or simply a quality blend of sorts, summer fabrics can be given a whole new life. For me, linen presents the ultimate summer alternative, with its trademark texture and draping delivering solid arguments: either on its own or mixed with silk, cotton or fresco wool, the result definitely sets it apart.

This 2-piece suit is a perfect example of how linen blends are a summer essential: with a balanced combination of silk, wool and linen, the result is a lightweight, breathable suit that retains the texture of linen, while adding crease resistance and natural sheen from the wool and silk. The bold blue presents a melange effect that makes it all the more appealing, with peak lapels and a slim silhouette. On the occasion I went for a more relaxed look with unbuttoned plaid shirt, the mandatory pocket square and a genuine Panama hat.

Details: 2-piece suit by Suitsupply, plaid shirt by Boglioli, pocket square by Lobo Marinho and Panama Hat by A Fábrica dos Chapéus.

Model and Styling: Miguel Amaral Vieira 

Ph: Filipa Alves

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Rahkai’s replacement horns, FINALLY done.

These are made from EVA foam (carved) with surface texturing done in various dimensional glues and paints. The texturing took absolutely forever. I definitely want to offer carved foam horns as an alternative to cast resin horns, where something non-rigid and light is preferred over high detail, but I want to warn everyone right now that it won’t necessarily be the cheaper option!

Design sketch and fabrication of Four Corners furniture for the Indian Community School of Milwaukee. Fabrication by Sup Design. #architecture #furniture #design #drawing #sketch #fabrication #wood #hardmaple #moleskine #cornelius #sketchporn #furnitureporn #ics #art #instaart #next_top_architects #superarchitects

A single piece of fabric can change everything. See this warm, yet itchy blanket? Put a bedsheet between you and the blanket and you’ll be warm as fuck while comfy as fuck. See this boring, simple jumpsuit? Sew a piece of fabric to the collar and bam, you’re a fucking superhero. See that pick-up truck? Just secure a confederate flag to it somewhere and the owner instantly becomes a complete fuckboy with an utter lack of manners and respect.