I reupholstered? refurbished? the inside of an old briefcase for my good friends’ wedding ceremony that my OTHER friend volkertron officiated. I gutted the inside and put new fabric and little bottle holders in it (and filled the bottles with a bunch of weird things from my pantry) 

 Basically the couple mixed each other a shot to exchange with one another as they exchanged vows. It was pretty special to see it in action on the big day! They even got to break the (hand etched) shot glasses Adam made for them!

 Anyway, it was a ton of fun to make. I love leatherwork la la la back to drawing


In Salerno Italy looking for more fabric shops.  Came across Collezioni Moda Tessuti in the heart of Salerno.  This shop has a huge collection of suit fabrics from loro piana, zenga and many other mills.  As well they have an amazing selection of fine cotton fabrics for shirting.  Picked up a few of these cottons today.  Beautiful shop and well worth a visit. 

Hhggnnnn I really need to design and print some custom order minky as that’s an option now on Spoonflower. And everytime I see beezeeart ’s adorable Galaxy bats I really want to do a galaxy print dragon or deer or fox or something. (on Hubble’s website their images are copyright free to use to print, so it’s totally okay to use them to print your own fabric ).

Though I also want to design rainbow pastel star galaxy print minky fabric something or other…cause that is my esthetic. :‘3


This past Saturday, I took the Kiddles to the Festival of Quilts at Heritage Park. Though I normally would have gone alone, I brought the Kiddles since their quilt was on display.

After a little walking around, we found their quilt on a fence near the Cottage Hospital. After a few moments of admiring their quilt, the Kiddles climbed the fence to have their photo taken. While posing for some pictures the Kiddles had an oppertunity to meet some other guests who were admiring their quilt.

As I had originally expected, the Kiddles tired quickly of looking at quilts - so I took them down to the ranch to see some of the animals. At the ranch they met cows and chickens and sheep. Kimbee had never seen a sheep before and Little Hiddles explained that they were practically cousins…

“Wool comes from sheep and dolls like us come from wool… so they’re kind of related!…. or something?” said Little Hiddles.

“Cool!” replied Kimbee.

After visiting the Ranch, the Kiddles went for a nap in my purse so that I could enjoy the rest of the festival.