I like my fabric files. (・∀・) I try to always know the fabrics I’m using AND the fiber content. I make these for any significant projects.

This also makes fabric matching and shopping really easy. I just whip out the cards to match zippers or new fabrics and trims, whatever.

My #costume for the #renaissancefaire ~ Black #satin #coutil #corset over a cotton #chemise , #williammorris #print cotton #skirt , #petticoat with #bummroll and stiffened hem. On my head I have a waffle patterned #silk cap and a flower #headress made from paper flowers. Wooden mug was from #etsy , leather bag made by @chimericvulpes ~ #faire #authenticcorset #skirt #fabric #ootd #reanactors #latergram #flowercrown #flowerheaddress #maiden #cider #gf #pyreofbodies #pirates #anachronisminaction (at Renaissance Pleasure Faire)


bathtubstudios We had the fabric in the bath for almost 45 minutes??? And yes, we’ve definitely found that the fuchsia is more aggressive. I mean, MAN. The softer fibers like silk and rayon are dyeing almost exclusively fuchsia. But this weird green-to-pink/purple is a problem I’ve had before. We thought, originally, that it was a bad batch of dye but subsequent baths with only that dye color were fine??? The only other thought we had was that maybe the ph of the water was weird but it seems bizarre that it would only effect certain ranges of the color spectrum. Are you using mx dyes? Ever experienced this??

The class I’m teaching is technically color theory for dye and I can’t help but feel a little fail-ey because a lot of my color theory is being trumped by chemistry. The students (y’know, all THREE of them) seem pretty excited, actually, about trying to figure it out… which I guess is good but jeeeeez, science. Can’t you help a sister out?? 

I’m restructuring the way I want to teach it in the future. Instead of just jumping in on color mixing the secondary colors, I’m going to have them work through the ratios between the primary colors (8:1, 4:1, 3:1, 2:1, 1:1, etc). 

I ‘d love to hear any other feedback, suggestions, ect. Other people who dye fabric: how did you guys learn the basics of color mixing?