I love my new Ikea Kallax!  It has made it a lot easier to organize and retrieve my stuff.

On the top row, I have a practice sandwich, fabric for the project I’m currently working on, a large bucket for scraps (from my current project), and I put some of the Juki accessories there temporarily while she is at the shop (foot pedal, knee lift bar, etc.).  I put away scraps into my plastic bin that has them sorted by color at the end of each project.

I have my color cards, individual patterns, and a few quilting books in the next cubby.  Most of my huge quilting book collection is in the 2nd bedroom, but I have the last few I’ve been looking at out here for easy access.  Then I have 2 cubbies with completed tops/ backs in them.  

I put 2-drawer inserts in 2 of the cubbies, and they contain the following:

Drawer 1 - quilting supplies like bobbin washers (which don’t go in the Juki), gloves, the Supreme Slider (that I’m not using), and the manuals for both of my machines.  Drawer 2 - all sorts of marking utensils - pounce powder, chalk pencils, markers, Frixion pens.  Drawer 3 - tape measure, cleaning brushes and Qtips, machine oil, needles and rotary cutter blades (in the square plastic container), and additional feet for the Juki.  The Janome stores all her feet in her on-board tray, but the Juki doesn’t have one.  Drawer 4 - pins and clips of all types. 

That stuff is all behind me as I sew.  Right next to me at the sewing machine is my small 2 drawer cabinet.  I have my scissors, rotary cutters, a small school ruler, and a couple of marking utensils in there.  Also, my magnetic pin cushion and my most-used Juki feet (the FMQ, walking, and 1/4” foot - whichever ones aren’t on the machine).  In the bottom drawer I store all my thread and bobbins.  Yes, that is one of those sugar cookie tins that everyone’s Mom used for sewing supplies.  :)

I forgot to take a close-up photo of the buffet, but it has 2 skinny drawers in the top that I use for rulers.  On the left, my top 3 rulers (12” square, 8” square, and 6x24”), a lint roller, and a roll of Invisigrip I keep meaning to apply to the rulers.  On the right, I keep all my other rulers and templates, template plastic, and freezer paper.  They are really convenient to the cutting mat, so it’s easy to keep everything put away. The bottom of the buffet has actual dishes in it!  

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peek at my newly-arranged Quilting Studio.  :)  I am still tweaking it a little but it’s working really well so far.  Now I just need my Juki back so she can take back the pride of place on the table!  Usually I store the Janome in her case unless I need to zigzag or need a free-arm.  

anonymous asked:

I've been looking through your art and I was wondering how you colour see through fabric because anytime I try to give it colour the fabric ends up not-seethrough anymore?

Ahh yes let me show you!

On this you have the layers for lineart, shading and colouring, so what I do is that I add two more layers above those. These extra layers are the lineart for the see-through fabric and the actual fabric itself:


I lower the opacity on the fabric and voíla there’s your see-throughness!


Without the lowered opacity it would look like this



New fabrics for a new project! I’m really excited. I’m making a piece from the late 1700s/early 1800s. 

It will be a simple dress paired with a robe a la polonaise. I might bead or sequin the ivory fabric, but it’s so pretty on it’s own that I’m worried I may mess it up ;; 

Happy 125th anniversary to the legendary American textile firm FSchumacher & Co., founded in 1889. Did you know that Schumacher was the first fabric manufacturer to collaborate with interior and fashion designers on its collections? Around 1930, Parisian couturier Paul Poiret produced a group of bold flower- and fruit-decorated textiles for Schumacher, including this example now in the Museum’s collection.

Printed Textile: “Juin,” 1929, designed by Paul Poiret, manufactured by F. Schumacher & Co.

etsyfindoftheday | EVENING EXTRAS | 12.15.14

adorned hoop art set by lovemaude

lovemaude’s embroidered hair accessories have been featured numerous times here on EFOTD, and it’s about time i show off a few of their crafty and beautiful hoop art pieces as well. these trendy flowered antler-and-initial pieces come as a set and are on sale RIGHT MEOW!! check it out, followers — lovemaude is a great place to go for holiday gifts <3

awkwardmiss17 asked:

I'm wondering if you guys have any tips/tricks/advice on how to choose fabrics for cosplays?

Go to a fabric store armed with references and a camera. Go caress the fabrics, drape them over your arm, try to look at them in the sunlight and take some flash photos. You’ll probably look like a crazy person but it’s quite effective :P

Touching allows you to see how they feel and how much they stretch. Draping will let you test how heavy they are and see how they flow. Inside the store the colour might look one way, in the sunlight and with flash photography the color might look different. 

Aside from that, doing your research on different types of fabrics and their uses can help you understand where to start looking. After awhile, you might be able to just know what will work well based off your research and experience. 

You can also check the backs of sewing patterns for fabric recommendations or ask people working at the fabric store for advice.

Any fabric experts out there have tips to add?

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gift recipient: for the pet lover
featured item: embroidered custom dog or cat portrait by hooplastitch

commemorate and immortalize your furry friend with a one-of-a-kind, custom, hand-embroidered portrait from hooplastitch!! i’d love to have a grizz and a roger hanging in my office … so AWESOME.