abi-tale asked:

Let's do a few here... 2, 14, 15, 23 and... 36?

2 What are you listening to right now? Two Door Cinema Club - Eat That Up, It’s Good For You.
14 What’s your favorite movie? Edukators, American Beauty, C.R.A.Z.Y., Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, etc etc etc. Haha.
15 What’s your favorite band/singer? Pink fucking Floyd.
23 What would your dream house be like? Small and comfy and full of musical instruments and with Dianna Agron in my bed.
36 Do you have any phobias? Social phobia.

abi-tale asked:

Good to know. Now on to question three - the final question... Here it is... In three... two... one... I'm eating pumpkin pie and a shit load of whip cream from the can and it's all abso-freaking-lutely delicious. You jellin'? Ahahaha! Troll Abi/Trabi/Aboll (hehe, a-bowl) strikes!!!

So jell’.

Aboll, you say? Haha, good job.

abi-tale asked:

Okay, on to question two... Do you like whip cream? (If you say no, I will assume that there is something wrong with you or that you're a vegan)

If you’re talking about the pressurised whipped cream in the can, than,  fuck yes give all to me. If we bought more than one can a month, I’m pretty sure I’d go through a can a day, if not every three hours.

abi-tale asked:

Calm down, Katie. Pie is not a life or de- Actually, it kind of is. Okay, freak out Katie, FREAK OUT! Now, to be specific, I mean dessert pies, like apple and such, but for the sake of this question I would like to know if you like pumpkin pie and if you've never had it, do you think you'd want to try it? P.S. No, it doesn't really taste that much like pumpkin.

I like Caramel…wait, that’s a tart.

I have never had pumpkin pie, but if I found the right person to offer it, I’m sure I would try it.

abi-tale asked:

KATIE! You asked for a question, so here is a question... You ready? (That's not the question) Okay, here I go... *inhales* ... *exhales* ... *stretches* Whew... Do. You. Like. Pie?

Shit. Fuck. I wasn’t ready for a question like that, shit.

-inhale- -exhale- deep breaths, Katie, deep breaths.

Now that I’m good, I must question your question, what type of pie? The type of pie I eat and like is probably different to the one most everywhere else that isn’t australia means when they say pie…