fab gets weepy

So here’s a funny thing: I strip myself bare to people I’d known for decades, and heard silence. And then I strip myself bare to people who’ve never met me, and was overwhelmed with love, support, and sympathy — with e-mails, with offers of care packages, with virtual hugs, with a deluge of empathy.

And I don’t quite know what to make of it, except to say that maybe — like so much else in my life — I’ve managed to get everything backward. I got several kind e-mails saying variants of “you don’t know me” or “I’ve never met you,” and I’m left wondering…  is that true? For two years you’ve listened to me rant, you’ve shared with me the things that catch my eye, and you’ve read my writing, which is about as deep in as you can get to seeing inside what really makes someone tick, what they really care about. So you know what? You’ve met me. You know me. Better, I think, than the people who know what my face looks like. My online friends know what I look like on the inside, and they still want to come sit on the sofa with me and pass the JD. 

Thank you, all of you wonderful people. I’m not kidding when I say you just turned everything around for me, every one of you. I’ve never had friends like I’ve had when I was online.

Jesus… does anyone?

Word Count: 2580(ish)

ohhh look, an early update. tbh I was totally gonna update on Sunday but mybrbie keeps nagging me motivated (along with the rest of the lovely Nons, also those people that write nice things in the tags, yeah I do read ‘em and ily) and littlepurpleduckling is a super, super wonderful person, both inside and out, and deserves a whole lot ‘o lovin’