Ilang araw na ba ang nakalipas noong kami’y namaalam sa dati naming paaralan? Ang lugar kung saan kaming lahat ay nagsunog ng kilay at natuto ng kagandahang asal para lang makapagtapos. Sadyang napakaraming nga namang nabuong magagandang alaala noong mga panahong yun. mahigit apat na taon ba namang nagkasama eh. haaay.. buhay high school.. nakakamiss! :/

anonymous said:

That last anon was trying way too hard to 'sound black'.

im really not here for this like they were being horribly racist???? I am too tired for this

anonymous said:

Any chance of a Ill Written update soon? I'm dying for the rest of the story!!! It's so goooooood!!!!

*sends all the love onto you* Yes, actually!!! :D With the starting of school, vacation, and a fair thing someone decided to sign me up for, I’ve been super busy so I’m so sorry!

Usually I would’ve taken a week or two to update, but life. Curse life.

My last day at the fair ends tomorrow, so I’m was hoping to crack down and get it done by the first Sunday in September. ( I have one fifth done and it all mapped out) In faaaact, next Thursday I’m heading onto a plane to San Fransico so I was going to work on it like the people worked on the Titanic; Fast. (but hopefully no…. fatality causing mistakes)


Come here, you. Thank you for being so patient and awesome.

corvidium said:

(I have the same goddamn problem with my fingernails. i have to keep them super short because I clench my fists when I sleep) I'll just send you the one I sent Mak. 8D Name: Melanie. Age: 20 Gender: Cis woman Orientation: Aromantic Demi-heterosexual Nationality: Beaver-land. Likes: Dragons, archery, Astronomy, and crows (also, y'know, Bioware and various RPGs). Dislikes: uhhh... most vegetables, Noises just outside of my peripheral vision, wolves Random Faaaact: I've had fleas.

I’m sorry all I could picture was this


Lovely to meet you Melanie! *high five for dragons* Also, sneak me all your broccoli >.> <.<