Daniel Radcliffe: “I think the best relationships are when you’re going out with your best friend,” “My mom and dad are best friends and they were friends before they got married… and then they’ve been married for 30 years and they are best friends and that’s why it works. But I definitely think everyone has been through this moment of do I risk jeopardizing the friendship in an effort to push this forward, is she interested in me? And it’s a minefield. It’s a scary moment.”

Me: *Thinks of Him and Emma* 







Screenshots of the in-game Slender Fortress models of Freddy and Co.

I managed to get in the server with it being full most of the time. Here’s some of the good shots I captured. (I was a ghost since I was dead, but it showed my minigun anyway so that explains that.)

Also here’s what me and my friends concluded what each of the characters AI styles are in Slender Fortress:

Golden Freddy: Similar to how he is in FN@F, if you look at him long enough, you die. Basically avoid eye contact with him.

Freddy: He appears to attack players who DON’T keep an eye on him. As long as you look at him he’ll stop, and if you turn away he’ll strike whenever he can. Similar to how SCP-173 is.

Foxy: Once you’re in his vision- BOOM!- *dead*. Just like in FN@F, this guy is super fast that you can’t avoid him. Basically try to not be around Foxy at all times.