I want to thank god for allowing me to be able to do what my dreams were. i’d like to thank my mum and dad for making me asian and allowing me to have some sort of an effect on the asian community, it’s a massive honour.i’d also like to take this moment to thank four of the best guys that i ever met, whilst being in the band and doing all the amazing things that i did, some of the things that we did will stay with me for the rest of my life and i thank you for that. and, yeah, here’s to the future. thank you very much for everything tonight.  -Zayn Malik


Of Course Salvador Dalí And Walt Disney Had A Beautiful Friendship

One was a cartoonist, animator and filmmaker, responsible for choreographing the imaginations of countless growing children with his beloved characters; the other was an eccentric Surrealist, responsible for some of the most haunting and hallucinatory images ever to be imprinted onto the collective subconscious. One had a soft spot for anthropomorphized mice and stuttering ducks; the other for melting clocks and voracious ants. 

One said, “If you can dream it, you can do it,” and the other: “I don’t do drugs. I am drugs."Yup, we’re talking Walt Disney and Salvador Dalí, two wildly creative visionaries with entirely different visions – one that likely appealed to your earliest fantastical adventures of the mind, and the other to your college drug experimentation phase. An exhibition entitled ”Disney and Dalí: Architects of the Imagination,“ will delve into the relationship between Walt and Salvador, two artists who challenged the rigid boundaries once separating dreams from waking life. 

Watch the full short film Walt Disney and Salvador Dali made here. 


‘An Animated History Of 20th Century Hairstyles’ Shows How Far Hair Has Come

Hairstyles can speak volumes about history. Over the course of the 20th century, looks ranged from dreamy to trendy, from intricate to just plain bizarre. A new animated video from The Atlantic takes viewers on a 100-year hair journey. From mullets to pompadours, bobs and beyond, the 20th century saw more than a few iconic hairstyles. 

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