Not Just Kris VS SM, but Baidu/iQIYI/PPS/SM VS Kris

On the morning of May 29, 2014, iQIYI, the so-called China’s top online HD video platform, released a report containing false information and fabricated rumors about Kris through one of its popular programs called iQIYI Early Flight and the official Weibo (Chinese Twitter) account of this program. All the content of this report was copied from fabricated rumors started and posted by Kris’s anti-fans, and all the statements in this report have been proven to be false and maliciously fabricated to defame Kris. However, regardless of the truth, iQIYI Early Flight is still using such false information and fabricated rumors to release fake news in order to attract an audience. Shortly after the release of this report, it had been reblogged by the official Weibo accounts of iQIYI, iQIYI Entertainment and PPS (another Chinese online video platform). Even worse, this news report had been placed in the headlines section of iQIYI’s and PPS’s front pages, causing immense damage to Kris’s reputation and huge discontent among fans. Fans and some netizens expressed their anger and protested against iQIYI and PPS’s disgusting conduct. Many fans also presented strong pieces of evidence that can refute all the points of the rumors. Meanwhile, an individual who has been embroiled in this situation for no valid reason by the report also provided evidence to refute the rumor and the false information.

KrisBar’s clarification posts about the false content of the report were reblogged about 20,000 times each.


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Many fans and netizens also condemned and denounced the unscrupulous conduct of iQIYI and PPS through their Weibo accounts, urging these two websites to delete the video of the report and to make proper clarifications as well as apologies.


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 Because of the pressure from fans and public voices on the Internet, the official Weibo accounts of iQIYI, iQIYI Entertainment and iQIYI Early Flight have deleted the Weibo posts about this false report. iQIYI and PPS have also removed this report from their headlines. However, iQIYI has not deleted the video on its website yet, and has not published any announcements, clarifications or responses concerning this false report. Faced with the dissatisfaction and complaints of fans, iQIYI chose to ignore them and act perfunctorily. Many fans called iQIYI’s official customer service, but only received replies saying that such complaints have been received and reported to higher management levels and are now under processing. However, it has been nearly nine hours* since this false report has been posted, and we still haven’t seen any substantive responses from iQIYI or its sincerity to solve this problem. We cannot help but wonder whether this is simply an issue of inefficiency or a deliberate act with ulterior motives.

*T/N: At the time the original text was written

In addition, iQIYI and PPS’s choice to delete the related Weibo posts and change their headlines proves that iQIYI itself knew that the content of report was completely false and felt guilty because of their slanders, yet they still unrepentantly refuse to remove the video or make a proper clarification. We have to suspect that iQIYI deliberately reported rumors and distorted information with ulterior motives.

In order to explore the intentions of iQIYI for publishing this false report, let’s have a look at the following news:

          SM Entertainment Joins Forces with China’s Biggest Portal Baidu

On May 8th, 2014, the South Korean company SM Entertainment joined forces with China’s biggest portal site, Baidu

Here are news reports found on major websites:




What is the relationship between Baidu and iQIYI? People who paid attention to them should all know that iQIYI has already been acquired by Baidu and now belongs to Baidu. After joining forces with SM, Baidu will have the copyright authority of SM in China: Baidu Tieba* will certify and operate the official bars of SM artists; Baidu Music will host the genuine music, MV and performance videos of SM; iQIYI will work together with SM to produce entertainment programs and reality shows tailored for SM artists.


Analysis  of Baidu’s Acquisition of iQIYI: an Inevitable Result of Competition

Analysis of Baidu’s Acquisition of iQIYI: an Inevitable Result of Competition

[Introduction] The acquisition is an inevitable result of iQIYI’s high-investment competitive strategy employed during the past years. Though iQIYI was developing well, it cannot withstand the endless investment competition found in the video industry. This also, to some extent, shows that the trend of integration is increasing in the domestic video industry.

Baidu Acquiring the Stock of iQIYI from Providence Equity Partners

Tencent Technology HU Xiangbao 20121103

Another “Big Investment” in the Chinese Video Industry


Besides iQIYI, another video platform, PPS, posted this maliciously fabricated news report defaming Kris on its front page to divert some attention away from iQIYI. What is the relationship between PPS, iQIYI and Baidu? In fact, PPS has merged with iQIYI, and they are both taken over by Baidu, which just signed a strategic cooperation agreement with SM Entertainment.


Thus, let’s shed some light on the network of interest-based relationships behind this false news report.

iQIYI and PPS, which published this false news report to defame Wu Yifan, are affiliated with Baidu, and there is the strategic cooperative partnership between Baidu and SM Entertainment. In other words, iQIYI, PPS and SM Entertainment have cooperative relationships as well, or we can say that iQIYI, PPS and SM have common interests. However, SM Entertainment is currently having contract disputes with Wu Yifan, so these two parties have opposing interests.

We don’t want to make more wild guesses about this. However, during the crucial preparation period for its listing, why did iQIYI completely ignore its public image and professional ethics as a mainstream media, disregard the condemnation and protests of the society and choose to publish the false news report in order to harm the reputation of an artist, going against its conscience and lowering its worth in the process? Whether it was because iQIYI has lost its professional attitude or it was a deliberate interest-based act is left to the public’s own judgment. Finally, whatever the motive behind this incident, we hope the caring fans can stand up for rights together until the end, and urge iQIYI and other related parties to delete the report video and make a clarification announcement to apologize as well as to restore Wu Yifan’s reputation, tell the truth to the public and recover media ethics.

Baidu Downloads

Edit (2014/11/15): Since I noticed this was used for other Baidu downloads, and I still get occasional notes on this, I revised it and reorganized it. Cleaned it up a little bit as well.

Note: This is using QQ to log in / register because I find it easy, since QQ accounts can be used for registering for other Chinese websites and the registration page is available in English.

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Errr. I know this isn’t really seiyuu related… but future reference… I noticed a lot of people were saying how Baidu downloads take 2-3 days and stuff for the Daiya no Ace All Star Game event Baidu downloads in general.

It’ll take a lot less time in comparison if you make an account with Baidu

It’ll go from this: 

To this: 

If you do it this way it downloads a lot faster than other download websites (eg: mega, mediafire). It also usually uploads a lot faster. 

- - -

If for some reason it’s still slow (for me that’d be 0 kb ~ 50 kb / sec), it’s usually an issue with your internet / the server (since it’s meant to be used in mainland China). Usually it’ll return to it’s normal speed within a few days. 

- - - 

Also, since a lot of free stuff is in Chinese I recommend making a Baidu account anyways.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Pictures + Instructions.

Tutorial + Download + instructions on making your own account + a brief basic Chinese lesson under cut.

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[Tutorial #01] How to download 2GB+ files without using the Baidu software.

EDIT (2014.07.29): The baidu link (wap) has changed, I found and put the correct link in the post.

Many people have problems with the baidu software, including me. Sometimes it’s fast, sometimes it’s even slower than 10 kb/s.
Whenever I want to download a 2GB+ file and Baidu is too slow I do it this way:

What you need:

- Pan Baidu account
- Optional: Internet Download Manager OR Thunder

I recommend Thunder because it’s faster and it has no trial period. But it’ll download many other softwares together with the main software. Delete them because you won’t need them at all.

How it works:

Step 1: Go to the file you want to download
Step 2: Save the file to your own drive.

Step 3: Go to pan.baidu.com/wap/home (make sure you’re logged in to Baidu)
Step 4: Click on the flle you want to download.

You can download the file in different ways.

1. Just click on 下載 and download the file via your computer
2. Right click on 下載, save the url and past it to Internet Download Manager. It downloads much faster than usual.

3. Right click on 下載 save the url and past it to Thunder. It downloads much faster than usual.

I recommend Thunder or Internet Download Manager. If you download it via your computer the file can stop halfaway or not start at all. 

Байда рекламная

Ребят, а никто с Байдой (baidu.com) по рекламе не работал?

Мне надо (ц).

Фишка в том, что то ли я в китайском не очень, то ли они действительно хотят какого-то запредельного личного подтверждения для всех телодвижений. Ну ладно, позвонить-то я им позвоню, познакомимся; а вот с личным присутствием чота как-то не алё.

Задача-то простая, тупо поставиться рекламой на поисковый контекст, типа адвордса.

Может, я что-то недопонял, просить переводить каждый чих не с руки.
Или просто защита от роботов для китайцев не работает =>.,<= :D

В общем, кто в теме, стукнитесь pls; счас проконсультировать по мелочи, а вообще можно и процент придумать, задачи на их рынок еще будут.


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