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Livestream links for Season 4 Episode 16 : Best Laid Plans

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CS + Anchor 

Dedicated to the wonderful onceuponahistoryofmagic

This was a very clever one, I really like this word for them because not only there is the strong connection to the sea (which is obviously related to them), but this is maybe the exact word to describe what they have. They are each other anchor, the thing that balance them and keep them steady through the torments.

So for this word I chose moments that demonstrate their dependence of one another, how they are capable of holding each other and not let the other person fall.

Send me a word and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.

Full “CS + word” list made so far

You know, for all the shit that Rumple gets for being a “coward” by fans, it’s astounding how little they talk about how his anxiety issues feed into his nurturing instinct and unavoidable impulse to make sure the people he loves aren’t afraid. 

He prides himself on the fact that he can “by instinct” comfort his son when he’s afraid, that that’s what made him feel like a man, like he had a purpose. 

Or that incredibly important moment for Rumple when he saves Belle from the Queens of Darkness. His immediate reaction is to assure her that she’s safe and they can’t hurt her. That moment in particular caused him a bit of awkward shuffling because it’s difficult to pretend you only sort of like someone when you look REALLY CONCERNED about the fact that they might be scared. 

I mean there are literally so many things that go under this category, like when he gets Belle from the elevator and has a jacket ready to fucking wrap her in like that’s so ADORABLE and so telling of how intuitive he is about these things. 

Rumple has anxiety and is fearful of a great many things, and that causes him to push people away and keep things bottled up and act out ways that aren’t appropriate. But it also makes him deeply aware of and responsive to the emotional needs of the people he loves, and that’s one of his greatest strengths as a person. In comforting others, he both ensures that they don’t feel the way he so often feels, and he manages to move outside of himself to be a calming presence, which is super awesome for an anxious person to find that they can do. It’s a comforting thing, to BE a comforting presence to another person despite your anxiety brain being a constant pain to you. 

Rumple is just really precious when it comes to this shit, and it kills me that the narrative didn’t let anyone take care of him when he needed it the most post- Zelena. 

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Hook tells Emma that her fate is at stake in Gold’s plan while Regina leads the villains on a wild goose chase. Henry makes a breakthrough in his search to find the Author, but Mary Margaret and David need a moment to reconsider the best course of action. In a Fairy Tale Land flashback, Snow and Charming search for a way to ensure their child will grow-up to be a hero. When a travelling peddler directs them to visit a kindly old hermit, Snow and Charming are presented with a choice that could secure their child’s goodness, but at a price that will haunt them for years to come.
Guest Stars: Keegan Connor Tracy as Mother Superior, Eion Bailey as August, Gabe Khouth as Sneezy, Abby Ross as Young Emma, Barclay Hope as Adoptive Father, Timothy Webber as the Apprentice, Patrick Fischler as Peddler, and Michelle Choi-Lee as Adoption Agent.