Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans have been interviewed, and we’ve got some new tidbits:

  • No plans for a Hawkeye movie, but depending what the fans want post Infinity War, anything could happen.
  • Age of Ultron feels much more intimate than Avengers, but retains the scale. It is more of a family affair. Evans even stated that whereas Winter Soldier was a conspiracy movie, and Thor is a fantasy franchise, the Avengers franchise is all about family, and their dynamics as characters.
  • Steve Rogers is the leader, and Tony Stark is the money, as we’ve previously been told.
  • Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will have their own struggles, with Renner stating that they are “Just as broken, complex and confused.”
  • To quote Evans directly, he wants people to be like, “Man, the Avengers just kicked ass!” Oh Chris, you darling man.

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I like all the scenes that we get to have together,” says Evans. “In this movie, it’s not about having stand-out moments, it’s about trying to have stand-together moments. You want to have scenes where you’re like ‘Man, the Avengers just kicked ass!’”

“If it’s every man for himself, then it defeats the purpose of what this movie is. We have individual films for that. So I like the scenes where – as a unit – we’re all wrecking shop. And we get a bunch of those in this.

—  Chris Evans on Age of Ultron x
One thing that producer Jeremy Latchem told us on set was that all the main characters get detailed notes on what their characters have been up to in the years between the films.

New Spider-Man, or what may be Spectacular Spider-Man, information has come out!

  • The film may or may not be titled Spectacular Spider-Man.
  • Drew Goddard will write AND direct the film.

  • There will not be a new origin story, Spider-Man will already be established.

  • The new actor will likely be an unknown, and at an age that he can grow into the role, so that multiple trilogies can be done in the style of Harry Potter.

  • In the first film, there will be a fight between Spidey and Iron Man, as an ‘audition’ for the Avengers.

  • The first film may involve the Sinister Six, which could then spin-off.

  • We are all likely misinformed on the casting, and it may not occur for another few months.

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Badass Digest are reporting that the new Spectacular Spider-Man may appear in Doctor Strange alongside Benedict Cumberbatch, rather than Captain America: Civil War.

We’re getting a lot of mixed information at the moment, so hopefully we’ll be set straight.

The MCU Report will have more as this develops.