Talking Things Out || Lexira F2F

Lexi waited as her sister left her dorm, Lexi was in much higher spirits than she had been since Saturday, she was so glad Paisley had joined them here at Haria, she already managed to make things better, and now it was time to make things better with Ezra. Lexi didn’t expect to get back together with him but she just wanted things to go back to normal, she knocked on the door and waited for Ezra to answer.


FTF // Pleasant Surprise


A year and a half had passed, with Dominic fading almost completely out of existence. A literature teacher who’d seen death and destruction while he was a high rank officer in the army, it haunted him. No show, book or event could distract him. Whether he wanted it or not, his past was of strong influence to him every single day. However, he needed to pick up his life again. That was when he had thought back of the time he was a teacher. Educating children and young adults had always been a satisfying feeling. He applied and with his many years of experience, he got the job. Teaching English and Literature at University, giving many lectures, he was surprised to on his first day notice a familiar face sitting in the crowd.

"You, in the grey sweater on the third row, I’d like you to stay back for a bit. Class dismissed," he said sternly. He knew he could’ve said his name but his fellow students didn’t need to know that they already knew each other.


Open open

»Doug finally snuck away from the shop to get some quality nap time in down at Dragon Lake. It was getting a bit chilly in the evenings now that Autumn had begun, but the grass was soft and the emerging fireflies lent a dreamy atmosphere to the area where the dwarf had decided to rest his eyes for a while. 

F2F || Nian

Reaching the set of TVD, Ian went straight to hair and make up to get it done before he changes into Damon’s clothes and does a scene with Paul. The man was nowhere to be seen so Ian enjoyed chatting with the ladies while they turned him into the vampire he was playing. When he was done he walked up to the dressing room getting in without knocking as he was told no one was there.


New 'Do // Penny &! Laura • 09.15.14


Laura had to admit to herself that she was once again changing something about herself because she wanted to stand out and wanted to be noticed. As of late, she felt invisible and even though she’d wished for that when she first arrived here, now it only terrified her. She didn’t have that long anymore. A little more than half a year and she would have to be claimed — she would take every opportunity to shine. She got to Penny’s room after classes and knocked, almost kneeling out of habit before realizing she didn’t have to do that.

You Can Check Out Anytime You Like; But You Can Never Leave (Sharron&&Allen)

»The Masquerade Committee goons were handsome, but rough with Sharron’s delicate skin. Their hands let slight red marks on her shoulders that would surely turn to bruises given time. Had she known this was how the people here treat their guests, Sharron would have opted out of the silly game. They hadn’t given her time to grab another bottle of the champagne she had been drinking earlier either.

»Taking the time to see the room now that she was left alone in the small space, the oracle perched herself on the shelf ledge and count the number of towels on the highest most shelf. All of the linens were bleached white and starched until the wrinkles wouldn’t dare appear again. Everything in the damn closet was white, even her hair. Sharron didn’t like the static room, and since the situation was just an annoyance, she tried the door handle and found it locked from the outside. Figures.


[Rachel was excited to be spending the evening with her fiancé. She felt like  they were planning every free moment together anymore and though she hated it, at least they were getting time together at all. They were both so busy lately that she needed a break to just be with him and talk.

Thankfully that was what they were doing and she smiled all the way home until she made it to the apartment.]



F2F: Luke & Calum

Calum knew Luke would be here in 10 minutes so he decided to take a quick shower as he was done he got dressed in an easy shorts and shirt, dropping some stuff to the side. when he heard Luke he smiled. “Door is open man.” he chuckled “I hope your jaw won’t hurt through these many selfies we are gonna make.” he laughed

What are we going to do? || Finn & Anya
  • Finn:shut the door behind him, placed his hands into his shorts pockets before heading over to her house.. He knew why she was acting like this, but he wanted to lighten up the mood a bit and not talked about last night. Though, he knew that they were gonna talk about last night, especially since her father had caught them almost kiss. He climbed the stairs, before knocking on her front door.
Evan [F2F]

[Devon stopped the car in front of Evan’s house and fixed his hair in the rearview mirror before reaching for his pocket and taking his phone out. He sent Evan a text letting him know he was there and waited for the other male.]


F2F: Niall & Caspar

After yesterdays events Ni did not know how to act. He went to spend the night at a spare bed at one of the bodyguards, until Louis insisted he should spend it with him and Liam. Before that he met Luke which made the whole situation even worse. The things Luke told Niall, accused him off. It was things Niall would never do.

The night went on sleepless. Niall constantly sobbed to himself. He was not sure yet what he was suppose to do. Or say. Even if he knew that what Liam told him was right, he knew he probably would go the opposite. Looking down at his white t-shirt who was bloody from his nose from the night the boy took a deep breath before walking across the hall to Cas and his room. He stood there for minutes staring at the door, shaking once again afraid to walk inside and face him. 


[To say that Rachel was worried would be the understatement of the century. When she first heard that Brody lost a match she wasn’t sure what to think but also knew that losing happened sometimes. Knowing how upset he was just made her upset and she wanted to help him. As their conversation continued and he declared that they elope her radar went up more not sure if he wanted to marry her to marry her or because of his state of mind.

She was sitting on the couch with Max in her lap when she heard the door opened and took a slow breathe hoping that things were going to be okay with the love of her life.]


Devon&Evan [F2F]

[Devon took a quick shower before dressed. He asked his sister to tell his dads he was going out before heading over to the garage. After a few minutes driving, the raven haired boy parked on the sidewalk in front of his friend’s place. He sent him a text letting him know he was in front of his house and walked over to the front door]

  • Hunter:packed a small bag for his trip with Kurt, taking a taxi to Kurt's place. He knew of the close relationship between Kurt and his father, and from the texts, Kurt was very worried about him. As he should be. A heart attack was serious. Hunter's grandfather died of a heart attack and while he didn't know the man well enough, he remembered enough about the funeral. Asking the taxi to wait for him, leaving him a tip, Hunter made his way up to Kurt's apartment. He didn't ask about Blaine but he figured that if Kurt had wanted him to pick him up, Blaine was... probably not home.

[Rachel was excited to be going home to spend time with Brody. They had rarely been getting any time together besides sleeping next to each other at night and she really missed him. She understood why she didn’t see him often, and really she was pretty busy herself but she was going to take advantage of having the night with him. They had a lot to catch up on.

She half limped to their apartment, her toes in serious need of some care when she got in and smiled when she unlocked the door and was immediately greeted by their puppy.]

Charlie! How’s my little boy?


Happy Birthday || Finn & Anya
  • Finn:took a deep breath as he crawled over to Anya's window. He was thankful that the cupcake was still in tactic in his hand. He gotten to her window, knocked lightly and looked around hoping that nobody would spot him.