Hi, my name is Janeth. I am a V.I.P and admin of BIGBANGGIFS. There has been a recent event that has caused major depression, fear, stress and pain to my life. I was assaulted and beat up by my sisters husband on January of 6th and sent to the hospital after. A month later came in the hospital bill. As a jobless and broke college student I do not have the money and thought of going to the extreme to get it so I could be free of this debt but that will only dig a bigger hole in the problem.

The aftermath that happened has made me cringe at times looking at BIGBANG. The same five men that brought me so many smiles, laughs, and tears all these years, even changed my life, turned all sour and bitter at one point because of this one psycho bastard pig. I’m sorry for my language, I know BIGBANG isn’t like that and will never be; it just boils my blood so much, I feel so helpless, alone, and turning to my own family didn’t help one bit. So now I’m turning to my fandom, the same fandom I spazz, laugh, cry and express my emotions with on tumblr and over the internet. 

From one V.I.P to another, will you help me?

With the guidance, help and OK of BIGBANGGIFS Shronda and Yarden; I am accepting donations to my PayPal to help me pay off the bills. 

$1 is all I ask for, nothing more.

  • Hospital/Medical Bills: $2,000
  • Donation: $1

Paypal > Send Money: 

  • To: annyeongbox@live.com
  • Amount: $1
  • Personal: Gift

Please understand, I am not forcing anyone to donate. I don’t and will not think less of anyone if they can’t donate or just simply ignores this. Donations come from persons own will and heart to do so, and the availability to be able to donate via PayPal. Even if I can’t get to my goal, the little dollars I receive, if I do, would mean the world to me. It shows how strong this fandom, no, not fandom, this family is.

Thank you.

V.I.P, Until Whenever

- Janeth

F.O.V.T.O Update

VIPS & Supporters have raised… 

PayPal balance:   $272.63 USD

Because of you guys this was possible. I can’t thank you enough. I just got home from my Korean course class and was amazed. ;;

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

I love you all.

- Janeth

F.O.V.T.O Update.

By March first I’m going to talk to the people about my billing (crossing my fingers hopping nothing happens, I’ve been having nasty dreams about the beating… :c) and hopefully work something about. Thank you so much to all you VIPS, other fandoms and just humans in general to had stuck by me and sent me so much support. I’m praying I can get close too half the donation status so I maybe tell them “Hey, I have half the bill here, could I pay it off in so and so payments.” Still looking for a job but it’s extremely had now, still trying my hardest never the less. Thanks guys. Please help me out a little longer. I know you hate seen this instead of BB gifs. I will be working on gifs as I post this and reblog the F.O.V.T.O post again. <3

- Janeth


Thank you guys so much for all your support, kind words and donations. I can’t thank you enough. I am currently searching for a widget to put the goal and current donations so I can show you guys. I am also looking for a streaming site so I can have a night of BB concerts with my fellow VIPs.

You give me strength VIP, thank you. <3 

- Janeth

Reading all this and the ask that our new admin Bri responded to I just wanted to say, wow. Thank you guys so much. I’m not asking for people to just throw their money at me. I’m seeking help in any way possible from the people, I may not know IRL, but know from BB that they are loving, supporting, and strong. They’re MY family. VIPs. 

I typed on the F.O.V.T.O post, you do not have to donate. You can simply ignore it and move on with your life. It doesn’t affect me whatsoever. What does affect is the people who have donated. So many wonderful, beautiful young woman and even man took time out of their own hands given to me something I thought I would never have. Peace of mind, love and help. 

This is not a fraud. My name is Janeth Faz. I am a Mexican-American VIP and I was assaulted and ignore by the people I thought was my family. My heart is broken. What more can I say?

And for those who asked “Why doesn’t she get a job?”

Do you think I haven’t tried and are still trying to get one? God. How I would love to have a job, you don’t even know how thankful I would be to at least have a less than minimum wage salary…

The post has almost reached 500 notes. I really can thank you guys enough. The donations supports sent me bring tears to my eyes. From the bottom of my heart, you are amazing. Thank you.

- Janeth